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  • This is for FOREIGNERS ONLY
  • You can rent Hanbok in a discounted price
  • For all day rental, you need to return at 19:30PM

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Show email voucher / Show your mobile
Within 1 business day
Fixed date ticket
Operating Hours:
Every day. Please refer to Remarks
No refund after purchase

Special offer

  • Make your day special by wearing Hanbok.
  • About 500 Hanboks with different styles to choose from.
  • Get a free hair styling from professional staffs.


[About Korean traditional dress and Hanboknam]

Hanbok is the Korean traditional dress that represents traditional culture.

Hanbok is the Korean traditional dress that contains the ideas, customs, actions, forms, and spirit passed down from ancestors. The tradition of Hanbok, lasting 1,600 years which is the longest period in the world, can be identified by the mural paintings of Goguryeo tombs (the 4th and 6th centuries) and the Silla and Baekje artifacts. Hanbok includes our unique outfit, skirt, jacket, pants, durumagi, Jokki and magoja.

Hanbok is characterized by several things. Korean traditional dress is beautiful because the straight lines and curved lines are in harmony. Moreover, it uses red, blue, yellow, black, or white to display various colors. Hanbok is divided into the jacket, the skirt, and the upper and the lower parts, which are different from those of neighboring countries. It’s also comfortable enough, and anyone can dress up.

Hanboknam hopes people from all over the world enjoy wearing Korean traditional dress and leave special memories in Korea. We aim to make wearing Korean traditional dress not just an experience but a first step to get to know Korea.

How to Use

Please refer to How to.


Q. What is the difference between Traditional Hanbok and Theme Hanbok?

Traditional Hanbok will make you look pleasantly simple. This is the generally what Koreans wear during Korean holidays. As for Theme Hanbok, they are more more colorful and has gorgeous patterns. In Hanboknam, theme Hanbok is the most popular ones. You can also try out special theme Hanbok such as costumes for King, Sunbi (Confucian Scholar), Uhwudong (A famous dancer in 15th century) or a district magistrate.

Q. Does choosing Hanbok time also included in rental hours?

After registration, we will give you additional 30 minutes to choose your Hanbok. After 30 minutes, it will be deducted from your rental hours.

Q. Size availability?

For women, we have sizes from 44~over 99 and for men, 90~115. Please check the below size table for your reference.

Size table for women

Korea 44 (XS) 55 (S) 66 (M) 77 (L) 88 (XL) 110 (XXL)
USA 2 4 6 8 10 12


Size table for men

Korea 90 (S) 95 (M) 100 (L) 105 (XL) 110 (XXL)
USA 15 / 90-95 15.5-16/ 95-100 16.5/ 100-105 17.5/ 105-110 -/110~


Q. Do I have to pay for hair styling?

Nope. You can get hair styling for free! But there is additional charges for accessories.


http://hanboknamglobal.com/#top (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

How to Use

Show email voucher/ Show your mobile at the Registration desk for reconfirmation and proceed to the following steps.

A. Registration (show your voucher) and storage of personal belongings. 

1. We will be keeping ONE form of ID per group over the duration of your hanbok rental.
2. We will need to know your name and phone number.
3. We will be providing you with keys to the lockers.
4. Feel free to leave your garments and shoes in the lockers!

B. Choose your Hanbok at Hanbok Rental Zone. 

1. Pick out a Hanbok that you like (from Traditional Hanbok or Theme Hanbok)

  • You will come up with a prettier outfit if you choose your skirt first!
  • You will be given thirty minutes to choose and get changed into your Hanbok.
  • You will be able to try on two sets of Hanbok in maximum.

C. After choosing, get changed into your Hanbok.

1. Please use the changing rooms in the store!
2. For jeo-go-ri (tops for women), the available sizes vary from 44 to 99.
3. Please hike up your skirt and ensure that it does not drag on the ground.

*Our staff members will help you with wearing your Hanbok so feel free to ask for help!

D. Choose your hair style and hair accessories (*additional charges for accessories)

1. You can have your hair braided, half let-down or put in a bun
2. For hair accessories, you can also choose between Daenggi (Korean ribbon), Binyeo (Korean hairpins), Korean traditional socks, Uhwudong hats, Gat (Korean traditional hats) and lots more!

*Again, please ask our staff members if you need help!

E. Fee Confirmation and Payment (*If you used accessories)

Lockers – 1,000 won
Slips – 2,000 won
Daenggi (Korean ribbons) – 2,000 won
Shoes and Bags – 2,000 won
Ko-sa-jii – 3,000 won
Bae-ssi-daenggi – 3,000 won
Warrior Accessories   hair band+ waist band – 2,000 won
hair band+ waist band + arm warmer – 3,000 won
Uhwudong Hat – 3,000 won
Gat – 3,000 won

F. Return your Hanbok

1. Return your Hanbok to retrieve your ID.

*Please be punctual and note that we will be charging additionally for every ten minutes you are late.

Traditional Hanbok: +1000 won/ 10 Min
Theme Hanbok: +2000 won/ 10 Min

How to get There

Address: 17, Bukchon-ro 5ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
서울별시 종로구 북촌로5가길 17[/vc_column_text]


Reservation is available via website.

Operating Hours

Open every day from 09:30AM – 19:30PM

Last rental available at 18:00PM (*1.5 Hours rental)

Cancellation Policy

Please choose your date carefully. All sales are final and there is no refund for any circumstances.


Not allowed.

Simple steps to book online
Things to do Process

1. You need to log in first.

Things to do Process

2. Choose date and number of tickets.

Things to do Process

3. Choose your option.
(If there is one)

Things to do Process

4. Payment can be done by PayPal.

Things to do Process

5. Check your email voucher.
(Confirmation within 1 business day)

Things to do Process

6. Show your voucher at Ticket Office.

7 reviews for [Seoul] Hanbok Rentals

  1. Paola

    A few hours feeling like noble ladies in Korea.
    My friends and I had a great time and the place and so beautiful!
    Thank you for this.

  2. Ashley

    Me and my sister had a great time in Hanbok. Thanks again Etour for this fabulous experience.

  3. Audrey

    I spent so much time choosing a hanbok that I got argued with by my boyfriend! They were all so beautiful, I didn’t know which one to get.

  4. Clark

    I always dreamed of becoming a geurrier of the Joseon era, it’s done!

  5. Amy

    I had a great day! Between the hanbok and the visit of the palace, I really felt like a princess!

  6. Kim

    If you want beautiful hanbok at low prices, do not hesitate and go to this shop!

  7. Fanny

    I gave this gift to my boyfriend, he was more excited than I was to wear this costume!

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