theme Parks in Korea

Theme Parks in Korea

Theme Parks in Korea  If you are searching for the stomach churning feeling of free-falling from a great height, or a magical escape from the realities, I recommend you visit theme park. There are two famous theme park, Lotte World and Everland. Not to forget the one with great history, Seoul Land. Discounted tickets are…

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Thanksgiving in Korea

Thanksgiving in Korea Chuseok, as one of Korea’s three holidays, the others being Seollal, is even more ceremonious than Spring Festival. In Hong Kong, people celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with mooncakes, lanterns, and barbeque. While in Japan, the Japanese eat taro and tsukimi dango during the worship of the moon. Here in South Korea, what…

Solo Activities To Do in Seoul

If you’re staying in Seoul and you’ve already visited all the places you wanted to go to, here is a blog that will give you new ideas of places to visit and cool activities to do !
Seoul is absolutely not the kind of city in which you get bored, on the contrary you will always find something exciting to do depending on your mood. So here are some ideas if you don’t know what to do next weekend !