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It’s small, it’s colorful, it’s shiny and it’s the proof of an incomparable support for his favorite band. I’m talking of course about the lightstick! The Army Bomb being the most famous and popular lightstick. You probably don’t know this, but the lightstick has an incredible power that can be double-edged for the group. Let’s take a closer look at the power of this little light stick.

What is a kpop lighstick ?

As we saw just above, the K-pop lighstick is literally a light stick that represents a K-pop group. Each group has its own lightstick with its own colors and characteristics. Fans can support and show their love for their favorite groups.

When it was created ? 

The first lightsticks date from the 90s, at the beginning of the creation of kpop groups. It was a simple light stick with just the name of the group written on it.

The first band to have its own lighstick is BigBang in 2006. Named BangBong, it was created by its leader G-Dragon. Following its huge success, agencies decided to follow the trend and create a lightstick for their groups.

What are the most iconic lighsticks ?

First we find the BigBang lighstick, being the first to be created. We also find the Army Bomb, the lightstick of BTS, which is currently the most sold in the world. There is also the EXO lighstick, very popular because of its simplicity and sobriety. For the new bands, we have the ATEEZ lightstick, the LIGHTINY, very popular internationally, which has a nice pink gold color. Recently, the Boys also unveiled their lightstick which represents a megaphone, very original. Concerning the girl groups, we can quote the Bl-Ping-Bong, lightstick of the BlackPink which looks like a hammer.  The one of LOONA and DreamCatcher which look like scepters. Finally, probably one of the most famous, the one of the group APINK which looks like a Pink Panda.

The Black Ocean 

There is a dark side to the world of kpop. Sometimes, fans don’t turn on their lightsticks and don’t make any noise. This is the Black Ocean. It is a very hard moment for kpop groups, because they are forced to perform in the dark and the most complete silence. This is the most radical method used by the fans to show their non-support to the band. Several famous groups have already undergone this black wave, such as Twice or BTS in 2016. Yes, the most famous band in the world has already been blacklisted during a performance because the EXO-L. EXO’s fans, were jealous of BTS popularity compared to EXO. Some of groups members broke down and cried in public, so much so that the event was hard to bear mentally.

As you can see, the lighstick plays a huge role in the popularity of the group but also in the huge support of the fans towards their idols.

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