Nilk Factory Cafe

The Nilk Factory

Are you looking for some gluten-free cafes in Seoul? The Nilk Factory, located in Garosugil district in Sinsa offers a range of cold-pressed almond milk in different flavors, coffee, tea, and gluten-free cakes. As this coffee shop is small and cozy, it is the perfect place to go with friends to…. have… a chat over a cup of tea in the afternoon. The potted plants, wooden furniture, and warm lighting give to the place a nice atmosphere and will make you want to stay longer for sure !

King’s Cross Harry Potter Café

King’s Cross Harry Potter Café

Potterheads are you here? This is your magical place!

If some countries have Harry Potter theme park, South Korea has his own Harry Potter Café, located in the middle of Hongdae area. Through its 4 floors, you will be immerge in the Harry Potter world like a Hogwarts students.

All the building is design as the British style from the outside and the Harry Potter style from the inside even the scales and the elevator.

Cafe el Cielo

Cafe El Cielo

Cafe El Cielo is a coffee shop located in Sinsa, Seoul. This cute coffee shop is the perfect place to go on a sunny day. Indeed, as half of the place is made up of windows, it lets in the sunlight, which is really nice and it will feel like you are outside. The pastel-colored fluffy clouds which… are in the air above the cafe tables, give a sweet atmosphere to the place and will make you feel like you are in heaven !

Banana Tree Cafe

Banana Tree Café

Banana Tree Café is a small coffee shop located in Sinsa, Seoul. It has two other branches, one in Itaewon and one in Lotte Department Store Star City. It serves cute and delicious cakes and lattes. It is especially famous for its cakes which are served in flower pots, and for its lattes which are… topped with cotton candy. It’s a nice place to go to, especially if you’re looking for a cozy coffee shop to chill out with your friends. It is also the perfect place for those who like to take pretty pictures of their food !