Trick Eye Museum

The Trick Eye Museum is a recreational space where visitors can interact directly with the paintings. It’s also one of the first type of museum to incorporate AR (Augmented Reality) into its exhibits, creating a whole new kind of experience for its visitors.Visitors can experience the full effect of AR by taking a picture or video while standing a predetermined distance away from the exhibit. Recording a video will give visitors a more immersive experience of augmented reality.

Hello Kitty Island

Hello Kitty Island is the largest character gallery specializing in Hello Kitty, a global character beloved by the world citizens for the last several decades, as its main character, and is an enterprise specializing in Museum & Culture, establishing and operating Hello Kitty Island, the first Hello Kitty 24/7 Gallery.

Wolmido Park

Wolmido Park

Wolmido park is located on Wolmido Island and is really close to the sea. It is divided into several parts such as Wolmido traditional park. This park has been transformed into an ecological and historical park. It was used over 50 years to house military barracks by the Ministry of National Defense.

Jeju’s Haenyeo Show

A community of women on Jeju Island, sometimes in their eighties, earn their living by diving into the sea up to 10 m, without oxygen masks, to fish for seafood such as abalone or sea urchins. With their knowledge of the sea and marine life, Jeju’s haenyeo (divers) fish for up to seven hours a day, 90 days a year, holding their breath for one minute on each dive and producing a unique sound as they return to the surface. You can see them fishing and you can then eat the fish fresh out of the sea !

Via Merengue 3

Via Merengue (Mexican Restaurant)

Are you craving for some Mexican food ? Via Merengue is a Mexican restaurant located in Sinchon in Seoul. In this restaurant, you can eat various Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and so more. The foods are delicious and the interior of the restaurant is well decorated, so you should… definitely go there if you’re in the area ! This is the perfect place to go with friends on weekend to have dinner and grab some beer. 

Kitsune Café

Kitsuné Café

Located on 6 cities in the world such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto; Seoul is one of them. This place is not only a café but also a store where you can buy clothes from the brand Maison Kitsuné.
Today, through its influence and community, Kitsuné Café is the place to go if you want to eat or drink a coffee in a unique place.

Hwaam Cave

Hwaamdonggul Cave, Gangwon Regional Monument No. 33, was originally a gold mine that was commercially operated from 1922 to 1945 as the nation’s fifth largest goldmine. However, the cave was found to have natural stalactites, and was later developed into the only theme-based cave that combined gold and nature. The entire area consists of 5 sections which in turn constitute 41 zones; it takes about an hour and a half to see all of the zones. You can travel to the entrance of Hwaamdonggul Cave on Korea’s first cave monorail. Hwaamdonggul Cave is not only a tourist attraction but also an educational venue where you can learn a lot about the subterranean ecology of a stalactite-lined cave and the process of gold mining and refining.

Daewonsa Temple

Daewonsa Temple (대원사) dates back to 548 A.D., when it was first constructed by Monk Yeongi.It is located at eastern foot of Jirisan Mountain. During the years, it’s been burnt to the ground a couple times.The road that leads up to Daewonsa Temple is really charming with the wandering and cascading stream that flows all the way up to the temple. To enter its lower hall, you must first step through the mouth of a dragon. The dragon’s body twists roughly 330 feet through trees and bushes. Apart from the colorful dragon, the main temple is stunning: the backdrop of the mountains, the peaceful quiet, and the two dragon heads that guard the temple make it a unique temple experience. It’s an ideal place to spend a beautiful and calm moment.