One In A Million 2

One In A Million

One In A Million is a famous coffee shop located near Itaewon in Seoul. This café offers a wide choice of delicious drinks and cakes, that customers can enjoy while looking at the nice interior decoration. This café is decorated with nice furnitures and is filled with pretty flowers. This is the perfect place for people who look for an instagrammable coffee shop!

Saga Ramen

사가라멘 – Saga Ramen

If you like to eat good Japanese ramen, this restaurant is the perfect one. Indeed, in this little restaurant located in the middle of Sinsa, you can enjoy good meal particularly ramen. Saga Ramen is specialized in this meal, however, they also propose other dishes such as soba, udon,…
Moreover, you can find another branch of this restaurant near to the Gangnam Station (Exit 9 – Line 2 & Shinbundang).

Kitchen Lab 1

Kitchen Lab

Are you craving for some Italian food? Kitchen Lab is a restaurant located in Garosu-gil, Sinsa in Seoul. In this restaurant, you can eat various Italian food such as pizzas, pasta and so more. The dishes are delicious and the interior of the restaurant is well decorated, so you should definitely go there if you’re in the area! This is the perfect place to go on a date or with friends on the weekend to have dinner. 

Yeonnam-dong Cafe 223-14 4

Yeonnam-dong cafe 223-14

Yeonnam-dong Café 223-14 is a unique coffee shop located in the small streets of Hongdae in Seoul. It got its inspiration from the Korean drama “W – Two Worlds”, in which the main characters enter in a fantasy webtoon world. Indeed, the interior of this coffee shop is all black and white which makes you feel like you just stepped into a comic book. This café also offers cute and delicious cakes and drinks, that the customers can enjoy while taking nice pictures.

Soul Cup - JYP Café

Soul Cup – JYP Café

This place is for the coffee and organic food lovers but also for the Kpop and more specifically the JYP lovers. Indeed, if you love GOT7, 2PM, Twice, Day6, Stray Kids, Itzy, and others artists of JYP Entertainment, you will love this café.

All the drinks and pastry are organics, and the place is really chill and make you feel like home. Music videos from the different artists are broadcast on a big screen, in this way, you can enjoy good music. And some group merch are sale as well as Soul Cup goodies.

Also the staff is really welcoming and kind, moreover they can speak English.

Key Fresh 1

Key Fresh

Are you craving for some fresh and healthy food? Key Fresh is a restaurant located in the Lotte World Mall near Jamsil Station in Seoul. This restaurant offers you a wide choice of salads, fresh juices and appetizers such as bruschettas. Every dish is prepared right in front of you and the food is… really delicious. You should definitely go there if you’re in the area and if you’re looking for fresh food during the hot Korean summer!

Low Coffee Hannam

Low Coffee Hannam

If you search a cool and chill place to eat dessert and drink some good coffee, this place is create for you. Indeed, the design is really cozy and the music soft. You can come there to study but also to enjoy good time with your friends.

Moreover, in this area, you can find a lot of coffee shop but also restaurants from different part of the world such as Korean, Western, Japanese,…

Seoulism 3


Seoulism is probably one of the best cafés in Seoul! Indeed, this bar-café located near the Seokchon Station offers an incredible view on the Lotte Tower thanks to its rooftop but also serves delicious foods and drinks that you can enjoy during a date or while chilling with your friends. If you’re looking for an Instagrammable coffee shop and if you want to have an amazing view of Seoul, you should definitely go there.