Via Merengue 3

Via Merengue (Mexican Restaurant)

Are you craving for some Mexican food ? Via Merengue is a Mexican restaurant located in Sinchon in Seoul. In this restaurant, you can eat various Mexican food such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas and so more. The foods are delicious and the interior of the restaurant is well decorated, so you should… definitely go there if you’re in the area ! This is the perfect place to go with friends on weekend to have dinner and grab some beer. 

Kitsune Café

Kitsuné Café

Located on 6 cities in the world such as Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Kyoto; Seoul is one of them. This place is not only a café but also a store where you can buy clothes from the brand Maison Kitsuné.
Today, through its influence and community, Kitsuné Café is the place to go if you want to eat or drink a coffee in a unique place.

Innisfree Green Café

Innisfree Green Café

Created in Jeju Island, Innisfree is a skincare and makeup brand really famous in South Korea and others countries in the world as Australia,… You can find stores everywhere in South Korea, however, the most famous store is in Myeongdong. Indeed, on the first floor, you have the store, but on the 2 other floor, you can find the Green Café.
This café is organic with a calm and vegetal atmosphere dedicated to Innisfree products. The coffee shop propose different drinks and meals.
Moreover, Innisfree Green Café owns some VR experience’s area to discover Jeju Island and Innifree ethics.

Pink Pool Cafe

Stylenanda Pink Pool Café

Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe is a coffee shop located in Hongdae. It is part of Stylenanda Pink Pool Cafe Flagship Store, which is a building of four floors which offers makeup and fashion shops and a café. Each floor has its own concept and style, which makes the building really interesting and nice… to visit. The coffee shop is at the 4th floor of the building and has a pool concept, which makes it really unique and fun. Then, this café is perfect for coffee-lovers and also for people who look for an instagrammable place to go !

Thanks Nature Cafe

Thanks Nature Cafe

If you love nature and if you’re looking for a unique coffee shop in Seoul, you should definitely go to the Thanks Nature Cafe located in Hongdae. This coffee shop is also known as the Sheep Cafe, as you can eat delicious waffles and drink coffee in the company of two fluffy sheep. You can feed…. them while you’re in the cafe, which makes the experience quite unique. The interior of the cafe is cute and cozy, decorated with sheep, airplane and cow paintings.