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You probably know that soju, the liquor made from rice or sweet potatoes, is the most popular alcoholic beverage here. But did you know there are other traditional liquors in Korea? Let’s take a look at these alcoholic beverages.

Alcohol is very important in Korean life. In fact, according to Korean customs, alcohol is supposed to bring people together. Did you know that Koreans drinks 13.7 shots per week and are considered as world’s biggest drinkers ?  Impressive, right? Beer is the favorite drink for 43% of Koreans, followed by soju at 25%, while other alcoholic beverages account for 18%.

So, what are these alcoholic drinks? Let’s see the different spirits :


Of course, I don’t need to introduce you to this drink anymore. Very famous in Korea but also abroad, soju is generally produced with sweet potato. You can found them in supermarkets at very low prices. Like all good spirits, there are sojus that are distilled in the tradition and have a higher alcohol content. The most famous of the sojus would certainly be the one from the Andong area.


Among all of Korea’s traditional alcohols, makgeolli has the longest history. Makgeolli, made by mixing steamed glutinous rice or wheat with nuruk: a traditional fermentation starter, and water. Then leaving the mixture to ferment. This drink has a milky, opaque color and a low alcohol content of 6-13%. But, It is also a carbonated drink. You may be a little surprised at your first taste but you will get used to it. This it what happened when I tried this drink for the first time.


If you love sake, then try this. Cheongju is the clear liquor residue that is left after straining makgeolli. The method for making Cheongju is similar to makgeolli. Cheongju is known for its clear (“cheong” means clear) color and aromatic scent. The drink has been widely used in a variety of traditional rituals and ceremonies, as it is regarded as a sincere and well-prepared alcohol.


If you love fruits, you gonna like this. Gwasilju is the general Korean term for fruit-based liquor. The method of making gwasilju can be divided into two categories : The first, is made from naturally fermented fruits and the second by mixing fruits and sugar with alcohol. You can also find this drink in supermarkets. Don’t hesitate to try this beverage. I think tou gonna like it.

That the end of this blog and I hope you will fine your favorite drinks, but don’t forget to drink with moderation.

See you next week! Bye!


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