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  • Gyeongju Golgulsa Temple Stay for 2days
  • For Adult, Student – same price
  • For Pre-schooler, Please contact us.
  • Reservation commission fee added in the price
  • Option activities with Extra fee (Available on the spot)

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Golgul-sa Temple is located amid the natural beauty of Hamwol-san Mountain, which is situated just outside of historic Gyeongju City. The temple runs Templestay 365 days a year. It is possible to stay for a month or even more.

Practing Sunmudo is an unique experience at the Golgul-sa Temple. Sunmudo is a moving meditation and meditative martial arts. It emphasizes the harmony of body and mind through observing one’s breath.

It is a traditional Korean Buddhist martial art that traces its origins back over a thousand years.Soft and meditative, Qi Gong movements that cultivates an awareness of our own internal energies, while leading us towards a greater sensitivity of the external energies flowing all around us.

A nurturing yoga opens the energy points of body while relaxing the mind. The profound stillness of sitting meditation.

At Golgul-sa Temple, You can experience many activities such as Sitting or Walking Meditation, practicing Sunmudo, Archery, Joining Chanting Services,108 prostrations, Dharma Talk with a Buddhist monk over tea, and the healthy simplicity of temple cuisine.

Golgulsa Temple Stay Program
Day Time Program
Mon – Sat 13:00 Check-in
14:00  1) Meditation (Regular program -Except Sun) 

 2) Optional Programs : Archery, Riding horse & Physical training 

 *Additional Charge will be added  (Register available on the spot) 

 *You can select only one of two programs.

15:00 Korean Traditional Arts Performance & Sunmudo Demonstration (Except Mon.)
16:00 Communal Work (Helping the temple. It is depending on the day.)
17:00 Orientation (Learning Sunmudo,meditation,prostration & temple ettiquetes)
17:20 Experiencing Ring the Big Dharma Bell
17:30 Dinner
18:30 Evening Chanting Service & Meditation
19:00 Sunmudo Training
22:00 Go to bed
5:00 Get up
5:30 Morning Chanting Service / Sitting Meditation
6:00 Walking Meditation
6:30 Breakfast
9:00 Tea time with a Buddhist monk over tea (Five minutes before)
10:00 Sunmudo Training & 108 prostrations
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Check-out


Day Time Program
Sun  14:20 Check-in
15:00 Sunmudo Demonstration (Except Mon.)
17:00 Orientation (Learning Sunmudo,meditation,prostration & temple ettiquetes)
17:20 Experiencing Ring the Big Dharma Bell
17:30 Dinner
18:30 Evening Chanting Service & Meditation
19:00 Sunmudo Training
22:00 Go to bed
5:00 Get up
5:30 Morning Chanting Service / Sitting Meditation
6:00 Walking Meditation
6:30 Breakfast
8:30 Tea time with a Buddhist monk over tea (Five minutes before)
9:40 ① Optional Excursions to local sites (extra fee – 10,000 per person)
②108 prostrations / Joining the Forenoon Chanting Service is optional.
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Check-out

* Programs can vary depending on the situation

How to Use

Show email voucher/ Show your mobile at the Ticket Office to redeem your tickets.

How to get There

[Address] 101-5, Girim-ro, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
경상북도 경주시 양북면 기림로 101-5 (양북면, 골굴사)



From Seoul to Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal By Express Bus /Taking 4 hours

< From Gyeongju Express Bus & Inter-city Terminal to the temple>

The bus stop is opposite site of “EDIYA COFFEE shop inside the Inter-city Bus Terminal. 

Next bus stop is opposite site of Express Bus Terminal, on the side of “Gyeongju Bread” shop.

1.By bus

Bus No: 100 / 100-1 / 150 / 150-1 (Taking 50 mins)

Get off “Andong/Girim-sa/Golgul-sa(안동/기림사/골굴사).”

There is a T-junction. You cross the road and go straight along with the street about 10~15 mins on foot.

2.By tax (Taking 40 mins.)


From Seoul to Singyeongju Train Station By KTX : Taking 2 hours and 5 mins.

< From Singyeongju Train Station to the temple>

1. By bus

Taking bus is needed to transfer once & takes about  2 hours. (including the time of waiting bus)

Bus No: 50, 51, 60, 70 & 700. Get off at the Express Bus Terminal & cross the road. (Reference from Gyeong Express Bus Terminal)

2. By Taxi : Taking less than 1 hour


For more information.






Additional information


Thing to do



Reservation is available via website.

Operating Hours



No smoking, No alcohol, No eating meat and No making a louder sound at the temple compound.
If you smoke, you have to leave without a refund and be fined 100,000 KRW according to the Korean Smocking Law.

Basically, we seperate males and females of using accommodation.
Therefore, they can’t use the room together. Each room is equipped with bath room.


Accommodation: Each room is equipped with shower and rest room.

Private Room :  1 person uses a room

Shared Room : 2~3 persons share a room

Purpose of Templestay

Experiencing monastic life, Korean culture, & ultimately finding out one’s true nature

No luxurious life style (No bed, Using a futon on the bottom, humble vegetable foods)

Benefits of Templestay

Learning Buddhism, Meditation & Korean culture

Reflecting on one’s life in the beautiful nature

Refreshing one’s routine

Releasing stress

What to bring

Your own half or long sleeve T-SHIRT (depending on the seasons) ,Socks, Towel, Toiletreis, Water Bottle , Hair Dryer (Option)

*We provide Templestay Uniforms, a pants and vest for experiencing Sunmudo.

Cancellation Policy

Within 3 days : 100% refund
Within 2 days : 50% refund
Within 1 day : 10% refund
The day : No reimburse

For more info, Please contact us.


Not allowed.

Simple steps to book online
Things to do Process

1. You need to log in first.

Things to do Process

2. Choose date and number of tickets.

Things to do Process

3. Choose your option.
(If there is one)

Things to do Process

4. Payment can be done by PayPal.

Things to do Process

5. Check your email voucher.
(Confirmation within 1 business day)

Things to do Process

6. Show your voucher at Ticket Office.

16 reviews for [Gyeongju] Golgulsa Temple Stay

  1. Nadine Moreau

    Those 2 days were so rich in emotions and I found an inner peace during this stay. Would highly recommend

  2. Rachel

    These few days in the Golgulsa Temple were awesome, relaxing and enriching. It was a great experience. I will do it again for sure.
    Thank you for this beautiful stay

  3. Hana

    Temple stay offers visitors to experience life in the temple, how the monks live on the daily basis. You will be able try the food, their “workout” etc. It was truly interesting to try this lifestyle. It was very peaceful and purifying. Everyone should try this at least once it their life.

  4. Arnold

    Those who are interested in Buddhism, this is the perfect opportunity to try how is the actual life in a temple. It will teach you lot of thing about yourself. Really amazing, thank you for this

  5. Karen

    Being a very stressed person these 3 days really helped me control my emotions.
    It was a great experience and will surely do it next time I come to Korea.
    Thank you!

  6. Alya

    This stay was great, spending some time alone, focusing on myself was fantastic.
    This is highly recommended!

  7. Tyler

    I did this with my friends and it was so cool, we really enjoyed this stay!
    Thank you Etour!

  8. Jade

    I don’t believe in Bouddha spiritism, but when i arrived in the temple, that was a revelation. I was in peace et totaly relax. What an experience.

  9. Emilie

    These 2 days was so short, i wanna try again the next time and stay more than 2 days.

  10. Denis

    I thought I was strong but after spending this time at Golgulsa Temple, I was wrong. I really felt stronger emotionally and physically, thanks to these two days. Thank you for this incredible experience.

  11. Gwen

    This trip did me a lot of good, it was a breath of fresh air. Thank you Etour.

  12. Helena

    This temple is really amazing, i wiil comeback for sure

  13. Bruce

    A very rewarding experience, the activities were top. Thank you for this moment.

  14. Steve Lai

    Visiting the temples in Seoul was a peaceful and spiritual experience. The architecture was stunning and the atmosphere was serene. I would highly recommend this destination to anyone interested in exploring Korean spirituality and culture.

  15. Coby Li

    The ancient city of Gyeongju is a must-visit destination for history buffs, with its many temples, tombs, and artifacts dating back to the Silla Dynasty.

  16. Kris Cheung

    Korea’s many Buddhist temples, such as Bulguksa and Haeinsa, are peaceful oases of calm and spirituality amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life.

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