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No more quarantine for fully vaccinated people coming to Korea from April 1st !

It’s official, quarantine is no more mandatory for fully vaccinated travelers !

From April 1st, there is no more mandatory quarantine for fully vaccinated travelers coming to Korea

A person considered fully vaccinated has either received 2 doses and the second is less than 180 days, and more than 2 weeks, if not the person needs to get the booster shot (3rd dose)

If a person is not vaccinated it means they have to do the 7 days compulsory  quarantine 7 days at government facility. If you want to know more about how the quarantine is at government facility check this video we made on our Youtube channel :

Also, you need to get a PCR test 48h before departure, then during the 24 hours by the day of arrival, and one last on the 6th or 7th day. But remember that the measure will get easier in the close future.

Make sure to apply for the K-ETA before coming !

Also make sure to apply for the K-ETA online on the official website before arriving to Korea.

This online travel authorization is available for 30 countries, and you can find the list on the website. If your country is not eligible you need to apply for a proper visa at the Korean embassy of your country

The price of this travel authorization is less than $10, it’s 10,000 korean won.

To apply, you need your passeport and an ID picture of you.

The answer of the K-ETA application is received via email within a few hours. When it’s approved, you just need to print out the document and bring it with you.

Make sure to get you Q-Code online before departure

The Q-CODE is a QR code that you need to have before arriving to Korea. For that, you need to apply online at the official website : .

You will have to input your passport information, but also your health related information (vaccination status) and also some information about your stay in Korea.

Then, you will be issued a QR code that you need to bring with you before traveling to Korea.

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