Gubongdo Nakjo Observatory 1

Gubongdo Nakjo Observatory

The Gubongdo Observation Deck is the best place to enjoy the beautiful sunset on the west coast and the unexplored view of Daebudo Island. There is a structure called ‘Bringing the Sunset to the Heart’ in the form of a sunset and sunset, and the sunset seen between a circular belt and a sunset-shaped structure is famous for being beautiful.

Deoksugung Stone-wall Road 0

Deoksugung Stone-wall Road

Stretching approximately 900 meters in length, Deoksugung Palace Stone-wall Road was Korea’s first successful attempt at creating a comprehensive urban space where both people and nature can coexist. The road was built using eco-friendly materials and the utmost precautions were taken to ensure pedestrian safety. There are over 20 benches and 130 trees along the road offering great places to rest and enjoy the unique atmosphere.