(Video) Yeongdeok Haeparang-gil Virtual Tour

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  • Yeongdeok Haeparang-gil Virtual Tour Video (link)

  • The easy way to travel at home!
  • Yeongdeok Haeparang-gil welcoming walk along a quiet path within which sky and sea come together

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Virtual Tour Video
How to get There

[Address]  산16-1, Seok-ri, Yeongdeok-eup, Yeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
영덕 해파랑길 21코스 영덕해맞이공원 –  축산항 (12.5km)

[Bus] Take #영덕-경정 bus or taxi from Yeongdeok bus terminal to Haeparang-gil 21 course

9 reviews for (Video) Yeongdeok Haeparang-gil Virtual Tour

  1. Stephanie

    The edit is cute!!

  2. Charles

    That look so nice!

  3. Gregoire

    I love the coastline

  4. Tomie

    I did not know this region but I already like it a lot

  5. Rafael

    Good video

  6. billie

    Super cute, might add this to my South Korea visit list

  7. London

    Currently binge watching these videos and dreaming about living there

  8. Bruno

    Very informative! keep up the great work

  9. Laure

    I had never heard of this place before! Looks amazing

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