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The Korean folk village is known for portraying the late joseon period and it’s also known for the only known cultural theme park. It is also very popular among filming historical dramas such as “My Love from another star” and “Moon embracing the sun”.

It’s a great tourist attraction if you want to learn Korea’s history and their culture. My experience here was really incredible and hopefully it will be the same for you too. 


There are many things to look forward to in the village, such as fun events and performances. We managed to see the dance/acrobatic and traditional flute music performances which were really great.


I’m sure during different seasons,  there will be different events ongoing. During the summer, they have a water festival ongoing which is really popular among kids. You can rent or buy water guns at the stalls and just get to splash each other. Among families, especially if you have kids, this would be a fun event to join along. There are other activities such as horse riding as well. To ride a horse in the Joseon period was a common thing as it was one of the main transportation there and it was really common to see royal guards ride on one especially in the battle fields.


One of my favourite moments here were looking at the pretty sceneries which were so mesmerising. It’s so peaceful looking at all the nature surrounding you and enjoying the pretty sets they set up. You can see pictures down below. You will want to experience it all.

Another unique thing about this village is the theme park within the village. The rides are not as big as you would find in big theme parks but it’s still very fulfilling especially for the kids.

There is so much more to this village some exploring will take time but I’m sure that you will have fun because we all did. Visit this place and it’s one more thing you can say you learnt about Korea.

Admission fee:

Adult: ₩32,000 / Child: ₩26,000 / Senior & Disabled: ₩22,000 (all pricing include rides at village’s amusement attractions)

How to get there?

경기도 용인시 기흥구 민속촌로 90 (보라동) | 90 Minsokchon-ro, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do

  • Myeongdong/Euljiro-1 Station (line 2, exit 6). 118m, 2 mins walk ahead. Take bus# 4101 in front of Stanford Hotel Myeongdong (building next to Ibis Ambassador Myeongdong Hotel & facing Lotte Dept. Store across the road). 45 mins ride. OR

  • Gangnam Station (line 2/Sinbundang line, exit 5). Upon exit, U-turn and cross the road just behind the station exit to the bus stop at the middle of the road. Take bus# 5001-1. 51 mins ride. OR

  • Sinnonhyeon Station (line 9/Sinbundang line, exit 7). 226m, 3 mins walk ahead. Take bus# 5001-1. 57 mins ride.


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