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You are coming in group and you booked transfer services ?

From the 45 seats bus to the 7 passengers vans, here are the differents types of vehicles you can expect depends of the numbers of passengers.

Hyundai universe

45 seaters bus

Kia Grandbird

45 seaters

Hyundai county

25 seats bus

Starex 11 seats

8/10 passengers – 8/10 lugguages


7 seats – 7 lugguages

Kia Carnival 11 seats

8/10 passengers – 8/10 bagages

Kia Carnival

7 passengers – 7 luggages

For 3 people or less transfer services, cars will be sedan type like G80, EQ900 or BMW 7.


The quantity of luggages will depend on their size and on the number of person.

All the vehicles provide air conditionner : cold for summer, heat for winter.

Except for 45 seats bus, all the vehicles are flexible from 5 passengers to 25.

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