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South Korea, home to Kdrama, Kpop, and amazing food, is a country with a plethora of activities. Everyone has heard of the city of Seoul with over 25M people, the megalopolis has everything one can possibly imagine. There is for everyone’s taste: hiking in a nearby mountain, visiting centuries-old palaces and temples, going club-hopping, and shopping off designer brands from all around the world. As such, there’s always something new to see and do.

Seoul is a must-visit at least once in a lifetime, but South Korea isn’t only Seoul and this country still has a lot more to offer. This is why, we compile for you a list of the 6 places you can’t miss out on when you travel to South Korea.


The country’s second-largest city, Busan is a popular destination for both locals and foreigners. The bustling city located in the southern peninsula, has gorgeous beaches and greeny mountains. Thanks to its port and proximity to the ocean, the city is famous for its amazing seafood dishes.

Visitors from all around the world also come to visit the many historical sites scattered around town, like the Beomeosa Temple with its hot springs. Another one is the hillside Gamcheon Cultural Village, with brightly-colored houses, the cultural town is the cutest Instagram spot!

Jeju Island

The popular honeymoon destination for both local and foreign couples, the island has a high reputation as a paradisiac spot of its own. Its south location gives a warmer climate making it a hotspot for the summer to come to enjoy the fancy hotels, beaches, and beautiful wildlife.

Jeju City is the island’s biggest city hence a cute location with great restaurants, shops, and accommodations. It is also a nice base to start from to explore the rest of the pretty island.

Seogwipo, located on the same island, is a stunning example of what nature still has to show us! This popular hiking destination has everything from waterfalls, and long beaches, to rocky coastlines, so expect gorgeous scenery.


Today South Korea’s 3rd largest city, Incheon is only 40km away from the capital of Seoul. It is home to an amazing port and the biggest international airport in South Korea. It is a rapidly expanding area, with more and more visitors coming every year.

The city is both important historically and economically speaking, it is home to the oldest temple in the country – Jeondeungsa, as well as lovely old architecture buildings. The city has a vibrant Chinatown, a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars to make everyone’s visit worth it. The perfect affordable day trip away from Seoul!

Jeonju / Gyeongju

Both cities are open-air museums, hence the perfect places to visit for history lovers!

The city of Jeonju is located on the west side, below Seoul. It is full of historical sites and cultural landmarks. It is home to one of the largest Hanok villages, showcasing traditional houses and artisanal products. Amongst the traditional houses, you can also find the cutest cafés and restaurants for the foodies.

Gyeonju, located on the east-south side of the peninsula, offers a boasting showcase of 2000-year-old Korean history. The city has an endless array of temples, tombs, and archaeological sites from being the capital during the Silla Kingdom. Bulguksa Temple, from the 8th century and Seokguram Grotto next to it, are a must-visit!


Last but not least, the southern rural city of Gwangju. This lively town has all the merits to be on the podium being the fifth biggest city. The city is a cultural hub home to many renowned art museums such as Gwangju Biennale Festival, and the Gwangju National Museum.

The city is also close to the Mudeungsan National Park where you can find a thousand years old Buddhist temple! A real cultural hub with the friendliest local population. My personal favorite.

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