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Superstition in Korea

Each country has their own superstitions, in France they believe that if you break a mirror you’ll have bad luck. But if you find a horseshoe you’ll bring good luck. In Korea they also have superstitions which can be quite unexpected. In today’s post I will talk about some of them.

Dreaming about a pig

In Korea pigs are considerate as an animal that brings wealth. That’s why dreaming about pigs is a good thing. That means you’ll have good luck or a lot of money.

Connected to the past situation. Back then Korea was poor enough to worry about meals, for that reason most people couldn’t eat well and be chubby. What is the link with a pig ? Pigs look like they have grown up while eating well. For that Korean people think if pigs come in your dream, money will also come.

Will you pass or fail your exam ?

Educational achievement is very important and of course there are many superstitions around it.

Many students will eat sticky food such as yeot (Korean candy) so their revisions “stick” to their brain and they will avoid slippery food such as seaweed soup because that makes your knowledge slip out of your head.

What gift to choose ?

It’s your friend or girlfriend/ boyfriend’s birthday and you don’t know what to buy ? Well, i’m pretty sure you’ll have a lot of choices but there are a few things you should not give it.

Shoes to your lover, especially sports shoes. That means you want them to run away from you.

Second, it’s a watch. Gifting a watch to someone means you want them to waste their time or their time is short.

Finally an empty wallet. An empty wallet means you wish them poverty. Make sure to put some money on it before giving it to someone.

First anniversary of a baby

During their first anniversary, parents put in front of their baby different things, among them a twine, a pencil and money. If the baby picks a pencil that means he/she will be very smart. If they pick a twine that means they will have a long healthy life and money means they will be rich.


The number 4

In most Korean lifts you’ll notice that there is no fourth floor. In korean four is “사” (sa) which also means death. That’s the reason why four is an unlucky number in Korea and in the elevator it is replaced by the letter “F”, which is the first letter of four.



By Amelia STALIN

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