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Are you planning to visit Korea soon? Then, get ready to take cute photos while you are here. You will absolutely love it, especially if you are travelling with family or friends. It will always be fun to have a cute photo booth session with your friends and family. It’ll be a memory to keep.

There are so many photo booths in Korea, you are likely to find them in every neighbourhood. With so many different concepts to try, let’s start you off with the top 3 cute photo booths to visit. But don’t forget to bring cash as most photo booths only accept cash and only some will accept cards. 



  1. Haru Film

Haru film has a very relaxing and peaceful concept to their photo booth with their main theme of blue and white. It is aesthetic and very popular amongst young people. They have many cute frames and filters to choose from and are considered affordable ranging from 4000 won-6000 won. After the photo booth session, you can also enjoy their drinks and snacks at their cafe. You don’t have to worry about where to find one as they have many open all around Korea. They have over 20 in Seoul. If you want to look over the locations, just click on their website linked below. 

Click <here>




2. Play in the box

This photo booth has a very different concept to the previous one. Their main theme is very colourful and mostly all pink. This has a more cute vibe to it. You can find many different frames to choose from and provide cute accessories to take pictures with. Furthermore, after the session, you can also shop and look around as it is also a store with many cute items to buy. They have many branches open but mainly in Seoul. Just click below on the link to find the locations. 

Click <here>



3. Photo signature

This photo booth has a similar aesthetic to the previous one. They have many collaborations with various cartoons, such as Sanrio and Sailor moon. Additionally, they provide cute and funny accessories to take photos with too.  If you are a big fan of them, this will be the best photo booth for you. It will definitely be a fun and memorable experience.

Location: <here>

If you love the concept of photo booths, you can always visit again.

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