Prof Liza

Last 25 December, my 4-member family was toured by Mr Vickstone Hong to our pre-booked One Day Snow Tour
We were so grateful of having one very knowledgable and fun tour guide, that we learned much about South Korea in such a short encounter Mr Hong is very capable of painting the best image for your country, that tourist would definitely re-visit the ‘Seoul of Asia ‘
Applause to him, and congratulations to eTour for having Mr Hong in the company
Salamat po Mabuhay!

Caroline and Eric Meyer

Eric and I just got home from Korea tonight We loved it
Everything went smoothly and we liked all our guides, Rebecca, Jessica, Korean Eric and our Jeju guide Lowell
The drivers were always on time or early and easy to find The hotels were as described.
Thank you for everything!


Good day to you I would like to give review with regards to my Korea Tour from 19th-23rd Nov 2016 !
Our driver/guide was Mr Thomas Kim, was a very nice, punctual, no hassle, English speaking guide who makes us feel very comfortable He was both knowledgeable and flexible We were a group of 3 friends, could not speak any Korean language but Mr Thomas Kim his very best to explain and show us around Most importantly, he always ensures that our safety (us, 3 ladies) comes first Please thank him for us.
Last but not least, thanks to you for being so accommodative, all the prompt response and for giving us the best service to ensure that our tour runs smoothly
Thank you so much for making our trip a fruitful and pleasant one! 😀

Adila Mohd Ali

On behalf of Bank Simpanan National and our Cuti-Cuti BSN Campaign winners, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent job while guiding our tour through Korea .

You are highly educated and familiar with the complexities of Korea’s long history, which we appreciated your efforts to import your knowledge of and enthusiasm for Korea to us Even more important, you are a gentle and gracious man with a very positive attitude and a good sense of humour which makes the tour interesting and enjoyable.
Once again, with warmest thanks for your excellent care of us these past 5 days, and we will send the tour group from time to time via your services Also, you will be highly recommended to our partners as well !!!
Hope to see you in Seoul in the future:D

Hayati Mosma

I would like to thank you and especially our travel guide, Stephan Lee, for marking my family’s first trip to South Korea very memorable We are very happy with the excellent service provided and Stephan’s patience with us His professionalism and warm service really makes a difference to our experience We are happy to inform you that we had snow when were in Seoul, on our 4th day The airport transfer service (both ways) was also very professional and pleasant

I will definitely recommend your tour agency again should any of my other family members, friends
Regards and thank you once again !!

Ireneo Martin

My wife and I have just came back to Sydney after 10 days of stay in Korea in which 7 days were with your tour package
I would like to express my thanks to all the staff (Leo, Tommy, Mr Kim) and especially Yoona for their professionalism and
being considerate They made our tour of Korea more exciting and enjoyable They made us feel as if we are long time acquaintances and made us feel relaxed, safe and cared of We would certainly avail of your services should we plan to visits Korea again and will recommend you to
our friends who wish to visit Korea.
Thanks once again and may your company reap success Kamsahamnida !!


We had safely back to Perth!! We had an amazing time in Korea Sorry we totally forgot about the survey form that need to be completed and pass on to Eric on the 6th Day.
Anyway, I had completed it and scanned it attached hereby.
Once again, thank you for the excellent service and organise our first ever visit tour to korea !
We also want to praise Eric for his excellence job being our tour guide We will definitely recommend him to our friends One of the valuable thing about this trip is that we make friends along the way and surely Eric is becoming a good friend to us 🙂
Thank you and we will see you in korea again very soon!

Sheryl Yoss

We had a very nice time in Busan Thomas, our tour guide, was great Because of the schedule with the baseball games and our friends still jet lagged, we asked not to do the activities on Monday afternoon because it was going to be a long drive and we were pretty exhausted He instead took us to a mall as we asked him to He researched and found the shop we were looking for He did a great job ordering the food at the restaurants and they were all set and ready for us every time!!!!XD

Jean denis

I will like to thank Jon for taking care of me on Saturday 10th september He was full of information regarding this beautifull island that is Jeju He understood my need and shoed me what I was looking for I am not keen on museum, attraction park, How ever I do love nature and food Jon made me try the chicken soup in a local reataurant away from the tourist which was a bonus.
When I will come back to Jeju (there is so much to visit), I will request Jon as he as a very good level of english and managed to accomodate all of my needs!!


thank you very much for your cooperation regarding my group of 7 persons !!
My clients arrived home safely and they were very satisfied with all services in Korea that you provided for them.
Especially they highlited perfect services of your tour guide Miss Mini.
Thank you once again and I am looking forward to eventual future cooperation 🙂 🙂


Hello Jay, sorry for late message, I would like to thank you and your team for their great support and help We spent a wonderful moment in Jeju and will definetly come back We are actually in Seoul enjoying raining day ahah JEJU is such an amazing place which remind me my hometown Reunion island We got happy time with the driver and me Baek, ver professional and effivcient And you Mister Jay all those email to make all perfect deserve all my respect and gratefeull For being working in China since this last 5 years, it very pleasant and awesome to meet so polite, smiley,helpful people in Korea, it changed a lot from Chinese ahah MT Hallasan was hard at the end, we did it quick, we regret we didnt see the lake due to the weather, we got some muscle pain but was worthy
Wish you and your team all the best 🙂

Diane ding

I have reached incheon safely First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to you and all your colleagues in providing me this wonderful jeju tour Your tour guide and bus driver is very professional and friendly I really enjoyed the trip so much and would definitely recommend your tour to anyone who is going next time.
Thanks for arranging all the accommodations and the tour~!!

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