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South Korea, like many Asian countries, is unfortunately known for its extremely humid summer. Even if the temperature can easily drop under the 0°C bar during winter, don’t be fooled. Monsoon season or 장마 (Jangma) refers to the beginning of summer in South Korea. The term derives from the Chinese characters meaning “long” and “rain”.

This recurring phenomenon comes around mid-June up until the end of July, lasting from 2 to 6 weeks. During which, the temperatures climb as high as 35°C adding to the heavy rain, the air becomes extremely humid and warm making it almost unbearable to enjoy even going out. What a shame for visitors during this time, right?

No worries, we compiled for you a list of activities to do under this unexpected weather.


Visit a museum!

Museums in South Korea are on a whole other level all the while being completely free of charge. They always make sure to bring history to life and make it something exciting.  It might just be exactly what you need during this depressing season.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of free museums in Seoul:

  • National Palace Museum of Korea
  • National Museum of Korea
  • Leeum Museum of Art
  • Seoul Museum of History
  • War Memorial of Korea


Visit a Korean Spa

 The Asian beauty scene is world-class for a reason, so why not get pampered during this exhausting time? South Korea is no exception to the rule, Seoul especially is home to a plethora of amazing spas and beauty treatment facilities.

Each of them has its specialty but we recommend trying out a 2-hour long mix of facial treatment and body massage. We guarantee you’ll leave out fully satisfied.


Shopping time!

Another must-do, no matter the weather, is shopping. For you or your friends, you’ll always find something to your taste in Seoul. Some of the biggest malls coexist here, from the luxurious Lotte Tower Mall with its no less than 12 floors to the high-end stores available in Gangnam COEX underground mall.

You can find anything in those malls and easily spend an entire rainy day walking through them. The perfect way to spend some time and money while it’s raining.


Eat Pajeon and Makgeolli

Those two locally famous local yet unknown dishes for tourists are must-try during the rainy season in South Korea. Even if most people stay in during the season, many still crave the combination of the two and go out to enjoy some pajeon (Korean pancake with green onion) and makgeolli (traditional Korean rice wine).

Why so famous, you might ask yourself? Well, the reasons are simple. First, the flour used for the dish is highly concentrated in serotonin which provides a much-needed boost during these gloomy days. Second, many associate the sizzling sound of frying pajeon with the sound of pouring rain. How interesting!


Do a Traditional Tea Ceremony

Can you say you’ve been to South Korea if you haven’t experienced a traditional tea ceremony? No, and here is why the experience is amongst the best you can have in Korea.

A certified tea mater teaches you the way to perfectly brew a cup of green tea alongside introducing you to traditional Korean tea snacks, already used for a hundred years. Such an amazing experience overall that would be a shame to miss. So let’s all go enjoy some world-class tea during a cozy rainy day.


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