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Quarantine at government facility in South Korea during covid19 

The process

When you arrive to Korea you have to do a 7 days compulsory quarantine. If you come on a short term tourist visa (K-ETA) you must do the quarantine at the government facility. It means that you cannot choose your place of quarantine.

The price is 120 000 won per day, so 840 000 won in total. Everything is included, from the hotel room, to the PCR tests to the food. Most of the quarantine hotels are nearby the airport in Incheon, such as the Hyatt hotel for example.

When you arrive at the airport and go through the immigration process, they give you a card that you put around your neck to show that you are here on a short term period and that you have to do the quarantine at the designed facilities.

After that you follow a guide that leads you to a bus waiting for you to take you to the hotel.

Once you arrive at the hotel :


When you arrive you leave your luggage at the entrance and go to the main hall to get the instructions for the quarantine. You get a package with a thermometer, a sanitizer and some masks. You’re also given a bag full of snacks.

After filling in some papers and paying, either by cash or by card, you directly do the PCR test, then you can get you luggage back and go to your room. During the 7 days of quarantine you are not allowed to leave your room. The only moment you open the door is to pick up the food 3 times a day.


The food : 


The hotel gives you food 3 times a day: breakfast at 8:30, lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 18:00. When you arrive you can choose the kind of food you want : vegan food, halal food, asian food, or western food. In the hotel you cannot heat the food so make sure to bring some tools with you to heat your food.

You are also given orange bags that you use for all your garbage, and you have to leave them at your door between 18:30 and 19:00 everyday.

Day of leave :


On the 6th day you have to do a second PCR test at your door, and if it’s negative you can leave on the 7th day at midnight or on the 8th day at 7am. You get a survey on the 5th day where you need to write down how you are going to leave the hotel : by yourself, by taxi, or by the shuttle bus of the hotel that takes you to the closest station : Unseo Station 

Before leaving, make sure to get all your stuff packed at 6:30, so that the staff can come and check if everything is in order in the room, and let you check out.


Thanks for reading ! Hope to see you soon in Korea 🙂




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