Pine Needle Oil Concentrate 180 softgels

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  • Expiration Date: 2019. 03. 20~
  • Type: Softgels
  • May help to: Maintain healthy blood sugar level
  • Recommended to: Male and Female adults
  • Pine needle distillate concentrates 100%

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  Pine Needle Oil Concentrate  

450 mg X 180 capsules

‘ Pine Needle Oil Concentrate 100%

Pine Needle Oil Concentrate has been proven for its safety and functionality and has been recognized from the Korean Food & Drug Administration for its ability to help keeping healthy blood sugar level.

Marvelous efficacy of pine needle
Pine Needle Oil Concentrate

The volatile component in the pine needle has an excellent function of decomposing debris with no harm to the human body.

  • It has the ability to decompose Styrofoam, which is incorrodible in the air and underground even after hundreds of years.
  • It has the ability to excrete free oxygen radicals which cause various cancers.
  • See more details in Product details.
Why Pine needle oil Concentrate?
Pine Needle Oil Concentrate

Pine needle oil concentrate can help to maintain healthy blood sugar level by improving blood circuit disorder. Pine needle oil concentrate is 200 times more effective than pine needle extract.

What is blood circuit disorder?
Pine Needle Oil Concentrate

A circulatory disorder is any disorder or condition that affects the circulatory system. Circulatory disorders can arise from problems with the heart, blood vessels or the blood itself. Disorders of the circulatory system generally result in diminished flow of blood and oxygen supply to the tissues. Problems of the circulatory system are common and can be serious.

Pine Needle Oil Concentrate

A famous Korean medical book called Dong-ui Bogam(東醫寶鑑) and 40 other Korean medical books clearly and consistently stated that pine needles can help preventing 190 diseases related to blood circuit disorder.

Recommended to
  • Person who are exhausted by physical and mental stress
  • Person who wish to activate body system and delay from aging
  • Person with excessive amount of cholesterol who wish to decrease amount of sugar in blood
  • Person with Chronic bronchitis or asthma
  • Person who wish to improve immune system
  • Person who wish to stop vomiting after drinking excessive alcohol
  • Person who wish to improve liver function
  • Person who wish to improve neuralgia, joint inflammation (rheumatism)
  • Person who wish to treat infertility
  • Person who suffers all kind of inflammation illness
  • Person who have heart imbalance and short of breath
  • Person who suffer from constipation
  • Person who are concerned about excessive weight
  • Person who suffer from leg and hand numbing
  • Person who has bad smell from mouth
  • Person who has blain, bump, freckle, spot, blackhead, rash etc
  • Person who already suffered from brain hemorrhage
  • Ladies who have trouble with late menstruation, fibroid, and severe menstruation pain
  • Person who get cakey makeup
  • Person who are concerned about hair loss
  • Person who suffer from Eczema and watery eczema (Need to massage at the painful spot of the body directly)
  • Person who suffer from Inflammation and tumor
How Pine needle oil concentrate is made
Pine Needle Oil Concentrate

Pine needle oil is an essential oil obtained from distilled steam from drying and crushing pure pine needles. With 1 metric ton of pine needle, 350ml of oil concentrate can be extracted.

How can I trust if it is safe?
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test
Bacterial Reverse Mutation Test
Functional Ingredient Certification
Functional Ingredient Certification
Pesticide Residue Analysis Certification
Pesticide Residue Analysis Certification

Pine needle oil concentrate is a safe dietary supplement approved by the KFDA (Korea Food and Drug Administration).

  • KFDA Individual Recognition-Type Materials Permission (No. 2007-8)
  • KFDA Health Functional Food Recognition (No. 2007-94)

Seoul National University Hospital has proved that pine needle oil concentration may have positive effect on lowering the blood sugar level. For people who have average blood sugar level, the test had little effect on lowering blood sugar. See the graph below:

Seoul National University Hospital Graph

There is Herxheimer Reaction, which is a short-term detoxification reaction in the body. See more details in Product details.

General Product Details
Type of food Individual Authorized Health functional food
Quantity / Volume 81g (450 mg X 180 capsules)
Expiration date / manufactured date We send products Exp. date after 20.Feb.2019
Ingredients Pine needle oil concentrate 100% (Terpinolene 18~26%, 3-Carene 12.5~16.5%, Limonene 5~10%)
Amount Per Serving % Daily value – Terpinolene 110mg, 3-Carene 61mg, Limonene 24mg
Capsule – Gelatin and Glycerin (Beef)
Packing Materials Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) + Aluminum foil (AL-Foil)
Efficacy Effect Excretion of body wastes, stimulation of bile secretion, delay of aging, super bacteria inhibition: E coil and powerful bacteria, inflammation improvement, metabolism promotion, prevention of stroke and hypertension, promotion of hormone secretion, stabilization of nervous system, recovery from fatigue. Make mind clear, relieve severe thirst, protect blood and reduce a fever.
Medical Supplies This product is not a medical supply. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Recommendation / Precautions Take one capsule three times a day with water. Store in a cool dry place.
Precautions: ① Please follow the daily amount of intake and be careful when you swallow the capsule. ② Please check ingredients if you are allergic to certain ingredients. ③ Be careful not to get cuts when you open to take capsules. ④ Be careful for those who have bronchial asthma, nagging cough or severe inflammation in a throat. ⑤ Excess intake can cause side effects. If taking any medications, consult with a healthcare professional before use.
There may be Herxheimer Reaction
Manufacturing Store Bioavenue/ 652-19, Jugyang-daero, Baegam-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Ingredients of Pine needle and their Major Function
Formulation Efficacy Effect
Special Vitamin Anti-aging, High blood pressure.
Pycnogenol A powerful antioxidant effects, high blood pressure, arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, arteriosclerosis, asthma, prostate hypertrophy.
Tryptophan Essential amino acid, reduction of intoxication.
Lysine Essential amino acid, reduction of intoxication.
Histidine Diabetes, essential amino acid necessary for the development of infants, gastric ulcer.
Arginine Intermediates of urea cycle.
Asparicacid Detoxification, liver function promotion, recovery from fatigue, the central role of metabolism.
Threonine Diabetes, essential amino acid, nutrition fortification.
Serine Compositions of phospholipid.
Glutamicacid Matrix of amino acid radical transformation reactants of metabolism.
Prline Compositions of structural protein.
Glycine Vitamin C stability, precursor of overall metabolic system.
Alanine Compositions such as auxiliary enzymes, etc.
Cystine Hematopoiesis, six biological oxidation, matrix of reduction reactions.
Valine Enhancement of blood sugar, essential amino acid.
Methionine Essential amino acid of methylate supply material.
Isoleucine Diabetes, essential amino acid.
Tyrosine Biosynthetic hospital such as thyroid hormone.
Leucine Essential amino acid.
Phenylalanine Enhancement of blood sugar, essential amino acid.
Ingredients of Pine needle oil
Formulation Efficacy Effect
Essential oil (terpene) Unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant effects, strong antimicrobial effects, peripheral vascular dilations, cholesterol inhibition.
Alpha-pinene terpinoiene Strong antimicrobial.
Limoene Strong antimicrobial, anti-tumor.
Linalool Control blood sugar and glycosylated hemoglobin.
Camphenne Effective treatment of fungal skin infections, dysentery, athlete’s foot and dermatitis, bacterial, fungal and viral infections that affect the respiratory system.
3-carene Anti-inflammatory, Antifungal activity, Central nervous system depressant.
Herxheimer Reaction
Category Herxheimer Reaction
Liver itchiness, fatigue, sleepy, temporary increase in liver level, nausea if severe.
Thyroid red spot in a neck, swollen neck, itchiness.
Low blood pressure + feeling of cold catch a chill, body aches, numbness.
Diabetes rash, heat, weight degradation, bubbles in urine, fatigue, temporary increase in blood sugar.
Obesity, hyperlipidemia weight gain.
Rhinitis headache, nasal congestion, increase in nasal mucus.
Menstrual pain, menstrual irregularity severe pain, stomachache, backache.
Neuralgia itchiness, body ache
Kidney, bladder increase in amount of urine, frequent urination.
Weakened heart pain, heart pounding, anxiety, canker sores.
Drug overdose rash, skin rash.
Stomach heartburn, rejection, stomach ulcer.
Fibroid blood discharge, loss of appetite, pain.
Finds early cancer severe pain.
Intestine stomachache, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal inflation.
Lung severe coughs, phlegm, rash in arms and chest.
Skin eczema, athlete’s foot, atopy, pimple etc. may temporarily become severe.
Circulatory disturbance headache, fever, nosebleed, dizziness, lethargy, temporarily increase in blood pressure.
Gout temporarily increase in pain.
High blood pressure headache, frequent urination, increase in blood pressure (temporarily)

*If Herxheimer Reaction is severe, stop or reduce the amount of intake.


I would like to know at what age it is possible to consume it?



Pine needle oil concentration can be taken at all ages,

but it is usually recommended for male and female adults.


This is because adults often have more trouble with diseases

related to blood circulatory disorder than young children.


How long do I have to take before I can see noticeable effects?



Thank you for your question.

Each person has different physical conditions,

so there is no absolute time as to when it will take effect.


If your body is not in good condition,the effect will be more obvious.

If your body condition is average,

you may not be able to feel much difference in your body.

Also the time will differ depending on which part of your body is in need of help.

Can you tell me on how to take this softgel?


Sure, take one softgel 3 times a day with water.


Other special intake methods are as follows:

For mouth disease: Instead of swallowing,

pop up the softgel with enough water in your mouth and hold it for few minute.

It becomes more effective when you repeatedly do it.

For bruise and fracture: You need to intake one softgel 3 times a day with water

and also make a hole in the softgel with a clean pin or needle

and frequently apply it in affected area.

For skin troubles (acne, freckles etc.): Intake softgel as recommended

and also put one softgel in your nourishing cream and apply it in on your skin.

For burns and abrasions: Immediately put a great quantity of softgel to affected area

and it will recover within 30 minutes.

When drinking alcohol: Take 2 softgel before drinking to avoid hangover.

Take another 2 softgel after drinking to avoid nausea and sober up faster.

For food poisoning, indigestion: Take 2 softgel when having stomachache

or symptoms of food poisoning. Take 2 softgel when having indigestion problem

from excessive eating.

OK. Can I take this with other medical treatments?


It depends on what other medical treatments you are having,

so please consult with your doctor.


Can I get samples so that I can try out and buy them if it is good?


I’m sorry to say that we cannot provide any samples.

However, if you wish to try out, please contact us

and we will inform you where you may try out.


Do you sell smaller quantity?

It is my first time buying it, and I’m not so sure about the product.


I’m sorry to say that we do not provide any smaller quantity.

As you can see from recommended daily intake,

you would need to intake at least this amount in order to see

any positive effects on your health.

Hello. I want to know the ingredients to this product.


It is 100% of pine needle concentration oil.

As for capsule, the ingredients are Gelatin and Glycerin (Beef)

For more details please refer to product details.

Is this made in Korea? How can I trust if it is true?


The product is made in Korea and you can see it from the bar code.


I want to know if there are any side effects to be aware about.

If yes, what are they? and what should I do?


Intake of this product may have herxheimer reaction.

Please have a look at product details and see different sorts of herxheimer reaction.

If symptoms are severe, please stop or reduce the amount of intake.

You may also consult with your doctor.

The product is functional food and not a medicine so there is little chance of danger.

However, note that product overdoes is prohibited.

Another question. Could it provoke any allergy?


If you are allergic to certain elements,

please check the elements from Product details before taking it.


Where can I see the expiration date?

Is it safe to still take it after the expiration date?


Expiration date is written on it on the product box.

You can still intake the softgel until 1 year after the expiration date.

I want to know if there is any testimony from people who took this product.


Yes there are many testimonies from people who took this product,

and here are some examples:

Mr.A / 60yrs

Diabetic complications

At the time I had fatty liver and already had several varicose vein surgeries.

I also had jaundice and my weight had increased significantly.

At first I had a hard time coping up with Herxheimer reaction, but continued taking it.

Among my 9 siblings, 6 have diabetic complications.

Just 3 months ago, one of my younger brothers passed away. I survived.

It has already been 3 years now since I first took this product.

I can feel my body becoming healthy again. My complexion also brightened.

My neighbors also started taking it once they saw how much I have changed.

Ms.B / 48yrs

Circulatory Disturbance

I have been working in the restaurant for 16 years and my whole body ached.

I was seriously overweight and had trouble with my blood circulation.

I first came to know this product through deacon at my church.

I had a hard time coping up with Herxheimer reaction which lasted for a month.

After, I feel less tired and I don’t worry much about the circulatory disturbance.

Also, I lost 3 kg and feel much lighter.

Mr.C / 65yrs

High blood pressure

I have been working in the architecture area for 40 years

and one day collapsed from overwork, stress, alcohol and smoke.

I had to stay in bed for 7 days because it was too dizzy for me to even stand up.

I still found it hard to live an ordinary life after I got out of the hospital.

For 7 years, I had to take several medicine and gained weight.

A year and 4 months ago, I tried this product for the first time.

At first, I didn’t have much expectation.

However, my wife told me that she can’t smell any alcohol or smoke in my body.

I continued taking it and after 6 months, dizziness has disappeared.

I slowly took less amount of medicine and finally stopped taking medicine after 10 months.

I change my mind. Can I get a refund?


I’m sorry to say that refund is not possible especially when you already unsealed the box.

Ooops. I accidently purchased the product just now.

How can I cancel it?


If the product has not yet been released, you can make cancelation.

However, once the product has been released, it is hard to make cancelation.


Please note that we are not responsible for 4% paypal commission fee.

Even for 100% refund, you will not be able to get refund for the 4% paypal commission fee.


I’m about to purchase the product,

but I’m not sure about how it is delivered.

Can you tell me the process? Where do I get my product?


Usually, it will be delivered to your hotel.

The product will either be waiting for you at the front desk or at your hotel room.

Okay. What if I changed my accommodation? What should I do?


That is a problem. You would need to inform us your new accommodation

before the product is released.

Is it possible to receive the product other than hotels?


Yes, it is possible.

You would need to inform us the address so that we can send your product there.

However, we do not provide oversea delivery service.

What if it doesn’t arrive?


Kindly inform us in case you do not receive your product. Click here.

Okay. Is there any delivery charge?


Delivery charge is included in the total price. Thank you.

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