K Wellness-Smile Seoul (2D1N)

$ 1,248.0

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  • This is for FOREIGNERS ONLY
  • Adult: $ 1,248.0/pax

Tour info

2 Days 1 Night
Min PAX:
2 Person
3 Days in advance
Within 2 business days
Meeting Point:
Please contact us (To be announced)

Special offer

Tour Point!
  • A beauty and wellness tour that makes the body, mind, and spirit happy in Seoul for 2 days 1 night. It provides refreshment through relaxation in the city center for senior foreign tourists and provides K-beauty oriental medicine spa You can experience well-being through experiences and food, and stay at a hanok hotel filled with the beauty of Korea.
  • Transportation
  • English speaking tour guide
  • Korean Temple Food for Lunch in Day 1
  • Hanbok Style Accommodation for 1 night
  • Korean Food Cooking Class
  • Hanriver Sunset Cruise
  • Oriental spa experience
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Dinner
Tour Destination

– DAY 1

Meeting Point in Seoul (TBA) – Seoul Oriental Medicine Promotion Center – Gyeongdong Market – Lunch at Balwoo Gongyang – Sulwhasoo flagship store (Spa exlerinece) – Sky Park Metasequoia Road – Yeouido E-Land Cruise (Sunset Cruise) – Overnight in Hanok Style Hotel


– DAY 2 

Korean cooking class – Seoul Botanical Garden- Olympic Park Mongchontoseong Promenade – Drop off at near Subway Station


JK Blossom Hotel

41-22, Yangcheon-ro 65-gil, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Day 1
  • Seoul Oriental Medicine Promotion Center  

  • Gyeongdong Market 

  • Sulwhasoo flagship store

  • Sky Park Metasequoia Road

  • Yeouido E-Land Cruise (Sunset Cruise)

Tour Hours   09:00 ~ 19:00 

Meet with a tour guide at Meeting Point (TBA) 

  • Seoul Oriental Medicine Promotion Center : It is a center that inherits the tradition of Bojewon during the Joseon Dynasty. Specializing in medicinal herbs.  The Seoul center offers a variety of exhibitions and experience
  • Seoul Gyeongdong Market : Gyeongdong Market is located at Dongdaemun-gu and consists of the Gyeongdong Oriental Medicine Market, the Gyeongdong New Market, the Gyeongdong Old Market, the Gyeongdong Building, Hansol Donguibogam, and more
  • Lunch at Balwoo Gongyang : Balwoo Gongyang is the only restaurant that serves delicate temple cuisine. It serves original temple food of traditional recipes handed down in Korean temples
  • Sulwhasoo flagship store : Sulwhasoo, a premium Korean medicine-themed skincare brand, offers Sulwhasoo spa programs based on its wisdom accumulated over a long period. It uses Korean traditional medicine’s treatment methods.
  • Sky Park Metasequoia Road : The park is located near Seoul World Cup Stadium, and is made up of five smaller parks – Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park, Haneul (Sky) Park, Noeul (Sunset) Park, Nanjicheon Park, and Nanji Hangang Park.
  • Yeouido E-Land Cruise (Sunset) :Sunset cruises offer a fun and satisfying experience of being on a boat during the intriguing and dramatic sunset hours.Taking a cruise at sunset is the perfect way to see the take in the bold colors, see the view of the shore from the water and make some fantastic memories.
Day 2
  • Korean cooking class

  • Seoul Botanical Garden

  • Olympic Park Mongchontoseong Promenade

Tour Hours   09:00 ~ 19:00 

Meet with a tour guide at hotel lobby 

  • Korean cooking class & Tasting ( Menu- TBA) 
  • Seoul Botanical Garden : Located in Magok, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Botanic Park is the first facility in Seoul to combine botanical garden and park in one space. A space where a forest, garden, lake, and marsh coexist together and more
  • Olympic Park Mongchontoseong Promenade : The park is divided into several zones, including a Leisure Sports Park, Cultural Art Park, Environmental Eco-Park and History Experience Park dedicated to the area’s rich historic heritage. It encompasses the land that was once Mongchontoseong Fortress
  • Drop off at near Subway Station 
    1. English speaking tour guide will be accompanied with the tour.
    2. Min 4 PAX booking is required to guarantee the tour
    3. Single supplement charge will be added if you are a solo traveller.
Terms & Condition

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation policy for one day tour will be automatically applied as below:
    • 100% Refund 15 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 70% Refund 14 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 50% Refund 7 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 0% Refund 2 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • Please note that we are not responsible for 5% paypal commission fee.
      Even for 100% refund, you will not be able to get refund for the 5% paypal commission fee.
  2. If you need to change the date, please cancel and make a new booking. Regular cancellation policy will be applied.
  3. Personal/ Medical/ Bad weather/ Flight cancellation/ Natural disaster/ or any other reasons that we cannot control are NO EXCEPTIONS to the cancellation policy and NO REFUND will be done by the company according to our Cancellation policy.
  4. Written notice of cancellation must be received by Etourism Co. Ltd. either by email or via our website. Oral cancellation will not be accepted.
  5. If for some personal reasons the client wants to cancel the tour once it already started, NO REFUND will be done by the company.

Accommodation Policy

  1. Customer will be charged for changing hotel or room once upon arrival.
  2. Triple bed will be 1double + 1single bed or Roll away bed or 1 double bed + 1set ondol bed(Tatami style)

Adjustment Policy

  1. We reserve the right to change the tour prices with or without notice due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  2. As a result of various operational factors, usually flight delays and schedule changes, there may be a slight change to the arrangements.
  3. All museums are not offered on Mondays. Another attraction will be a substitute.
  4. We reserve the right to adjust/change our Terms & Conditions without prior notice
  5. Meal menu subject to change.

Responsibility Policy

  1. We have NO RESPONSIBILITY for any Damage/Accident/Death/Loss/Sickness/Injury/Natural disaster/Political or Personal reasons arising from activities during the trip.
  2. You are responsible for respecting the authority and following the directions of the tour guide and Korean laws during a tour.

Health Condition

  1. Some of our tours may include activities such as walking long distance and hiking.
  2. It is your responsibility to consult with your physician regarding your health condition and ability to travel long distances. Please let us know your needs when booking. In case we cannot provide the service, you need to be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for independently providing the needed assistance.

Please refer to the Terms and conditions.

Simple steps to book online
Package Tour Process

1. You need to log in first.

Package Tour Process

2. Choose Departure date, Pax and the number of people.

ex) If two people need reservation, click your departure date and click ‘For 2 people’ in PAX option. Then click ‘2’ for Per Person option.

Package Tour Process

3. Choose your option.

Package Tour Process

4-1. Choose your payment option

*1 Day tour has only Full payment option

Package Tour Process

4-1. Choose your payment option

*Multiday tour has 2 kinds of options.
Option 1: Deposit (30% from total price) by PayPal and pay the balance in Korea upon arrival.
Option 2: Full payment by PayPal.

Package Tour Process

5. Payment can be done by PayPal.

Package Tour Process

6-1. Check your email voucher.

*1 Day tour
– We will send you the Confirmation Voucher within 3 business days.

Package Tour Process

6-1. Check your email voucher.

*Multiday tour
– We will send you the Draft Confirmation Voucher within 3 business days.
– We will send you the Final Confirmation Voucher 2 weeks before departure date.

Package Tour Process

7. Show your voucher to our driver or tour guide at the airport

34 reviews for K Wellness-Smile Seoul (2D1N)

  1. Aurore

    A beautifull traditionnal week-end in Seoul, very relaxing.

  2. Tarah

    This stay was just great, I enjoyed every moment. Discovering these places was so much fun!
    I recommend

  3. Cathelijne

    Thank you E tour for this fantastic experience, I really loved spending time learning more about Korean culture and lifestyle!

  4. Judith

    So relaxing !

  5. Luc

    This package wear well his name.

  6. Juliette

    Korean body care is definitely amazing! I have never been so relaxed.

  7. Kevin

    The best wellness stay I’ve ever had, everything was perfect!

  8. Mike

    We came back home with great memories thank you for everything

  9. Derek

    Feeling healed and relaxed thanks to you

  10. Lucas

    An experience you don’t want to miss. I highly recommand it.

  11. Damien

    The hotel was gorgeous, and the spa relaxing. I really needed it

  12. Laurine

    Incredible, everything was perfect! Thank you again!

  13. Yasmine

    Being tense because of my work, I really wanted to go somewhere quiet and have a break. This cure has done me a lot of good.

  14. Belle

    I was curious about this and I don’t regret taking part in it! 10/10

  15. Denji

    Probably the most relaxing weekend vacation of my life!!

  16. Luka

    Haven’t felt this good in a while. Amazing experience, great organisation.

  17. Lucy

    The package’s name says it all, very relaxing!

  18. Mona

    The most relaxing tour !!! I feel reborn

  19. Jason

    My mates and I had a blast, so rejuvenating!

  20. Gertrude

    Relaxant !!! Merci

  21. Paola

    Live, love, and relax with Etour!

  22. Alicia

    Very cute and useful little trip!

  23. Piri

    I was sceptical at first but turns out this was a great idea! Everyone should try this out I believe

  24. Margaux

    Amazing tour, i feel anew after such activities!

  25. Hera

    One word : RELAXING

  26. Lizzie

    I can’t recommend Etourism enough, this is the best wellness tour i’ve participated in!

  27. Danielle

    Ideal for people who need some time off to resource!

  28. Alice

    I’m coming back and bringing my mom with me next time !

  29. Janine


  30. Lily T

    Perfect refreshment trip for yourself. it was a very cool and relxing expereince, would do it again soon. Thank you e tour

  31. Doreen

    The accommodation was fantastic, and I enjoyed every moment of my stay. It was a relaxing experience, and the therapy it provided was incredibly beneficial for me.

  32. Evadne

    The perfectly planned itinerary made me feel like I was truly traveling. It was an excellent experience overall!

  33. Mable Ma

    My trip to Seoul was absolutely amazing. The city was vibrant and full of energy, the food was delicious, and the historical landmarks were fascinating. I would highly recommend this destination to anyone looking for a unique and culturally rich vacation.

  34. Tess

    Thanks to everything provided, we returned home with wonderful memories!

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