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Special offer

Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng
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Located in Jongno-gu Seoul, Cheongha Korea Ginseng Co., Ltd., specializes in Korean ginseng products and has its headquarters in Jongno, Seoul and a branch in Jeju. The stores aim to deliver the history and culture of Korean ginseng and take the lead in promoting the effects of Korean ginseng to the world. Since its establishment in 2005, the Jongno headquarters has focused on qualitative growth through continuous investment; for two years since 2014, the building that housed the headquarters was refurbished, expanding exhibition halls for Korean ginseng and convenience facilities for stores. On the ground floor up to the fourth floor are the Korea Ginseng Museum, 23 ginseng stores, 2 sundry stores, a tax refund office, a bank, a café, a nursing room, and other convenience facilities.
For visiting foreign customers, staff who can speak foreign languages fluently are on standby during business hours. Upon reservation, foreign language service can be requested, and the staff in charge of the requested language will offer a tour around the museum as well as assistance in product consultation and purchase. The store also conducts thorough after-sales management to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction.

Homepage (Korean, English, Chinese)

Shop Guide

1F   3 ginseng stores, tax refund, Woori Bank, Kona Queens Café, and other convenience facilities

2F   Korea Ginseng Museum, 2 ginseng stores, nursing room, and other convenience facilities

3F/4F   18 ginseng stores, 2 sundry stores

Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng
Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng
How to get There

Address : 280, Jahamun-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul
서울특별시 종로구 자하문로 280

Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng
Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng
Cheong Ha Korean Ginseng

– Ginseng products (Taekuk dried root, ginseng extract, ginseng powder, honey ginseng, ginseng tea, ginseng liquor, etc.)
– Red ginseng products (Red ginseng extract, red ginseng powder, red ginseng tea)
– Souvenirs (Ginseng cosmetics, all kinds of souvenirs, clothing, etc.)
– Food (Roasted seaweed, ginseng candy, ginseng jelly, etc.)

*30% discount is only limited to Ginseng Products and Red Ginseng Products. [Souvenirs and Food excluded]

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