Car Rental Service

$ 200.0

  • This is for FOREIGNERS ONLY
  • You can tour on your own with a comfortable private car rental service daily.
  • Maximum capacity is 5 PAX.
  • For more than 6 PAX group, please contact us via email.

Tour info

Available Time:
09:00AM-18:00PM (9 hours)
Min PAX:
1 Person
2 days in advance
Within 2 business days
Meeting Point:
Decided in Advance

Special offer

Vehicle Sample Picture & Style (K5 or similar)

Car Rental Service in South Korea


Car Rental Service in South Korea


How to Use
  1. You need to log in first.
  2. Choose date and your option.
  3. In the Check Out Details, you need to fill out asterisks and also accommodation address and accommodation contact number.
  4. Payment can be done by PayPal.
  5. Check your email voucher (Confirmation within 1 business day).
  6. Show your voucher to the driver at the hotel lobby and inform the driver where you plan to visit.
  • Private vehicle,
  • Insurance.
  • Accommodation,
  • Personal expenses,
  • All entrance fees,
  • Extra usage for transportation,
  • Toll, parking fee and fuel.
Accident Insurance and Coverage
Third Party Liability Unlimited
Property Damage 20 million KRW (per accident)
Personal Injuries 15 million KRW (per person)


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
Divison Vehicle
Mainland 500,000 million KRW

Vehicle Repair Cost

All damages to the vehicle, for any reason attributable to the customer during the rental period is the customer’s responsibility. When Collision Damage Waiver(CDW) is registered, if the vehicle repair cost is less than the deductible stated, the actual expense will be charged. However, if the repair cost is more than the deductible, you will only have to pay for the deductible and the rest of the expense will be waived by CDW.

      1. Driver vehicle is based daily,
      2. Meeting time is subject to change depending on your hotel or traffic jam,
      3. We arrange convenient and safe vehicles.
Rental Requirements
      • Valid International Driving Permit (B or D),
      • Valid Driver License (from the country of residence),
      • 26 years old or above.
Mandatory Documents
      1. Passport,
      2. International Driving Permit* (must be issued by countries under the Geneva or Vienna Convention / must carry the original copy)
      3. Address in South Korea and contact number,
      4. Card of payment (to verify at the time of the rent).

*Grade B: allow to drive up to 9 seats vehicle / Garde D: allow to drive up to 12 seats vehicle.


1. Other Informations

        • Renter is liable for all matters in relation to the violation of traffic laws.
        • If you violate any of the Road Traffic Act, you may not be able to partially or entirely benefit from the insurance coverage.

2. Fuel & Mileage

        • Renter is responsible for the fueling charge.
        • All vehicles are rented with Full-Tank and must be returned with Full-Tank. Unlimited driving mileage.

3. Extension of Contract

        • Renter must receive the branch’s prior consent to extend the contract during rental period.
        • If contract is extended, the renter is responsible for any additional fees.
        • If renter extends the rental period without Korea E Tour’s prior consent, the renter may not be able to benefit from the insurance coverage.
Terms & Condition

Rental Agreement Terms

1. Reservation Conclusion
1.1 The customer who would like to rent a car should make a reservation after confirming car type, rental 1.2 fee, rental period, driver requirement and so on.
1.3 The customer must notify the company at least 24 hours before the pick-up time if the customer modifies the reservation.


2. Rental Agreement Conclusion

2.1 A conclusion of rental agreement is based on a rental contract paper.

2.2 The company is allowed to deny a conclusion of rental agreement by following reasons;

  • The customer does not have a valid driver license in South Korea.
  • The customer refuses to provide valid documents for identification.
  • The customer is addicted by alcohol or drug.
  • A driver is not specified.
  • The customer has unpaid records regarding rental fees, traffic fines and so on.
  • There are issues as a matter equivalent to the above reasons.


3. Replacement of Vehicle

3.1 The company may replace the vehicle as an equivalent car model to the customer.
3.2 The company provide a replaced vehicle as same price if the price of the replaced vehicle is higher than that of reserved one.
3.3 The customer is able to deny receiving the replaced vehicle. In this case, all the paid amount will be refunded to the customer.



4.1 Basically, all the fees must be paid before the customer collect a vehicle.
4.2 The customer has a responsibility to pay extra fees if the customer request extra items.
4.3 The customer has a responsibility to pay extension fees for an overuse when the customer drop-off the vehicle.
5.Termination of Rental Agreement by the Company

5.1 The company may terminate the rental agreement by following reasons;

  • The customer violate the terms of rental agreement.
  • False information of drivers.
  • Unpaid amount of the fee exceeds as twice as higher than the initial rental fee.
  • Revocation or suspension of driver license of the customer.
  • Accident happens due to the customers’ fault.
  • Drunk or drug driving.
  • Unregistered drivers drive the vehicle.

5.2 The customer must return the vehicle immediately after the termination of rental agreement.


6.Termination of Rental Agreement by the Customer

6.1 The customer may terminate the rental agreement by following reasons;

  • Fault or defect of the vehicle before collecting.
  • Mutual agreement between the company and the customer.

6.2 The customer should pay 10% of rental fee to the company if the customer would like to terminate the rental agreement without reasonable reasons.


7. Personal/ Medical/ Bad weather/ Flight cancellation/ Natural disaster/ or any other reasons that we cannot control are NO EXCEPTIONS to the cancellation policy and NO REFUND will be done by the company according to our Cancellation policy.


8. Written notice of cancellation must be received by Etourism Co. Ltd. either by email or via our website. Oral cancellation will not be accepted.


9. If for some personal reasons the client wants to cancel the Vehicle with a Driver Service once it already started, NO REFUND will be done by the company.

Adjustment Policy

  1. We reserve the right to change the prices with or without notice due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  2. We reserve the right to adjust/change our Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Responsibility Policy

  1. We have NO RESPONSIBILITY for any Damage/Accident/Death/Loss/Sickness/Injury/Natural disaster/Political or Personal reasons arising from using the Car Rental Service.
  2. You are responsible for respecting the authority and following the directions and Korean laws during a rent.

Please refer to the Terms and conditions.

How can I find the driver at the airport?


Our driver will wait for you in front of your arrival gate.

he/she is holding a meeting board with your name on it.

What if my flight get delayed and arrival/departure time is changed?


Our driver will track the arrival time on the day so it would be OK.

But if your flight number or the date is changed,

please email us at


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