5 DAYS Undertourism in Korea [Private Tour]

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  • The price is same for adults and children
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Tour info

5 Days
Min PAX:
2 Person
Deposit Payment 2 weeks in advance
Within 2 business days
Meeting Point:
Airport pickup
English/ Chinese
(*Notify us if you need other language speaking guide)

Special offer

Tour Point!
  • Vehicle (Based on 9 hours, Private Van for 2-6 pax)
  • All entrance fees
  • English speaking tour guide (Based on 9 hours, Driving guide if tourists are less than 7pax)
  • Lunch (KRW 15,000/Pax/Meal)
  • Accommodation (4N/ Twin sharing room based) with Breakfast
  • Personal expenses
  • International airfare
  • Dinner
  • 2~6 pax group: Extra usage for transportations and tour guide – USD 30/hour
  • Peak Season Supplement Charge
Tour Destination

-ICN, Seoul-

Day 1: Incheon Airport – Seoul Hotel

-Seoul, Gyeongi-

Day 2: Pocheon Hantan River Sky Bridge – Bidulginangpokpo – Sanjung Lake – Pocheon Herb Island – Pocheon Art Valley

Day 3:Icheon World Ceramic Center – Seolbong Park – Silleuksa – Yeongneung (The royal tomb of King Sejong) – Yeoju Hangul Market (5-Day Market)

Day 4: Ansan Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant (Moon Observatory)  – Daebu Haesolgil – Daebu Bada Hyanggi Theme Park – Glass Island

-Seoul, ICN-

Day 5: Hotel – Incheon Airport


3 Star Hotel ★★★

Standford Myeongdong hotel or similar 3 star (Seoul)

84 Namdaemun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

*In case we cannot use guest house mentioned above, we will endeavor to reserve hotels with similar conditions.

Day 1

ICN – Seoul

  • You will meet with a DRIVER ONLY at Incheon Airport upon arrival and transfer to Seoul hotel.
  • Note: The driver cannot speak English
Day 2
  • Pocheon Hantan River Sky Bridge 

  • Bidulginangpokpo

  • Sanjung Lake 

  • Pocheon Herb Island

  • Pocheon Art Valley

Route Map (Click!)

Seoul – Pocheon

Tour Hours   09:00 – 18:00

  • After breakfast, meet with a tour guide at hotel lobby and start the tour.
  • Pocheon Hantan River Sky Bridge : It is a unique type of footpath bridge that connects the ecological landscape complex (completed on Dec. 2019) and the theme park (completed on Dec. 2019) that is cut off by the Pocheon Hantan River Gorge.It is 200m long and is designed to pass 1,500 adults (80kg) at the same time. You can see 50m above the ground. It is a major walking course in which you can see the columnar joints and unexplored views of the Pocheon Hantan River in connection with the Pocheon Hantan River.
  • Bidulginangpokpo : Bidulginangpokpo Falls, Natural Monument No. 537, is located within a small valley. The waterfall is surrounded by grand columnar joints. The landscape appears quite mysterious and serene, earning it a spot as a poplar filming site for historical dramas. The falls gets it’s name (“Pigeon Falls” in Korean) from the story of many wild pigeons nesting in the caves around the waterfall. Other say the name comes from the area’s shape. During heavy rainfall, the road to the waterfall is closed, so checking the weather before visiting is recommended.
  • Sanjung Lake : Sanjeonghosu Lake is one of the main attractions in Pocheon and is situated down in the valley between Myeongseongsan Mountain, Mangbongsan Mountain, and Mangmubong Peak. Meaning “lake as clear as a mountain well,” Sanjeonghosu Lake was built as a reservoir to supply water to farmlands in 1925. Thanks to its surrounding attractions, the lake brings many visitors each year. Promenades along the lake are popular for couples as well as tourists who stay in the nearby hotels.
  • Pocheon Herb Island : Located in Pocheon, Gyeonggi-do and established in 1998, Herb Island is a tourist attraction that focuses on growing Mediterranean herbs. Additional attractions include the crafting experience, herb museum, aroma therapy center, herb restaurants, herbs-related souvenir shop and more. Herb Island opens every day, showcasing Mediterranean herbs all year long and providing sensual experiences for relaxation of body and mind.
  • Pocheon Art Valley : Pocheon Art Valley was a former granite quarry transformed into a culture and arts space. The transformation was the outcome of Korea’s first environment restoration project led by the city of Pocheon. As of now, more than 1 million tourists visit this place every year. It’s also a popular culture and art complex loved by local residents, with various programs including special exhibitions, as well as weekend and special performances. Nearby are active quarry sites for digging up unique granite found only within the area, referred to as Pocheonseok rocks.
  • Overnight at hotel in Seoul.
Day 3
  • Icheon World Ceramic Center 

  • Seolbong Park 

  • Silleuksa

  • Yeongneung (The royal tomb of King Sejong)

  • Yeoju Hangul Market (5-Day Market)

Route Map (Click!)

Seoul – Icheon – Yeoju – Seoul

Tour Hours   09:00 – 18:00

  • After breakfast, meet with a tour guide at hotel lobby and start the tour.
  • Icheon World Ceramic Center : Icheon Cerapia is a complex cultural space that runs a residency program designed to allow selected artists to concentrate on their creative activities, and is equipped with exhibition halls, workshops, and an information center. Cerapia also boasts Sanjeongho Lake, a park that attracts many visitors with its scenic views of Seolbongsan Mountain. Various facilities for visitors are situated near the lake, including Doseongdang, which has an art shop and a cafe, and ‘Pavilion’, a special exhibition hall.
  • Seolbong Park : Nestled at the foot of Jinsan Mountain, Icheon, Seolbong Park is popular among citizens and known for being the festival venue of Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale, Icheon Ceramic Festival, and Icheon Rice Cultural Festival. The park has a wide lake in the center with walking paths and gardens, giving traditional ambience around the lake. Cerapia, ceramic themed park, offers hands-on programs for visitors to experience ceremics.
  • Silleuksa : Situated in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province, the Silleuksa Temple Resort (신륵사관광지) features countless relics and remains, awe-inspiring scenery, the Geumeun Sand Zone, and Silleuksa Temple. Silleuksa Temple is also referred to as the byeokjeol (‘walled temple’ because it has a pagoda made entirely of bricks). The pagoda was erected by the renowned Buddhist monk Wonhyo during the Silla Kingdom, and is visited by many who are drawn to the beautiful natural scenery along the banks of the Namhangang River, which is served by convenient transportation.
  • Yeongneung (The royal tomb of King Sejong) : Yeongneung is the joint tomb of the fourth ruler of the Joseon dynasty, King Sejong (1397-1450, reign 14181450) and his wife Queen Soheon (1395-1446). This was the first joint royal tomb of the Joseon dynasty. King Sejong was the third son of the third ruler, King Taejong, and his wife Queen Wongyeong. He came to the throne at the age of 22. During his 32-year reign, he was very influential in the development of Korean culture. For example, King Sejong created the Korean alphabet, which he called Hunminjeongeum, and set up the Hall of Worthies (Jiphyeonjeon), an association of the kingdom’s brightest scholars. He also used Confucian principles to administer state affairs. Under the reign of King Sejong, therefore, many sectors including politics, economy, society and culture flourished. In fact, King Sejong the Great is regarded as making some of the most brilliant achievements in Korean history.
  • Yeoju Hangul Market (5-Day Market) : Yeoju is a region where clean agricultural products are produced, and Yeoju 5-day market is the best market to buy agricultural products at a low price compared to other markets in Icheon and Yangpyeong.In addition, there is no entry and exit of vehicles due to the implementation of the Jungangtong car-free street, which was promoted as part of saving Yeoju business district in entering the market. You can enjoy it.
  • Overnight at hotel in Seoul.
Day 4
  • Ansan Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant (Moon Observatory)

  • Daebu Haesolgil

  • Daebu Bada Hyanggi Theme Park

  • Glass Island

Route Map (Click!)

Seoul – Ansan – Seoul  

  • After breakfast, you will meet with a tour guide at hotel lobby and start the tour
  • Ansan Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant (Moon Observatory) : The world’s largest tidal power plant, Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant produces enough electric power to serve 500,000 people a year. The tidal power plant uses the gap between the water level of tide and ebb to produce energy. As Sihwa lake has a water level gap of nine meters, it is an optimal place for tidal power generation.The Sihwaho Tidal Power Plant can be seen from T-Light Park, which was made out of the sand that was excavated while building the power generator. The park is home to restaurants, coffee shops, the ocean view plaza, and the light obelisk tower. It also hosts various performances, establishing itself as a must-see tourist attraction on Daebu Island.
  • Daebu Haesolgil : Visitors can walk over the seven walkways spanning 74 km, enjoying the natural landscape of Daebu Island. The walkway begins at the Bangamori wharf along the Gubong Island, Daebunamdong, Seongam Island, and Tando Port to the Daesong complex. Course 1, which extends from Bangamori to Donji Island trail, is most visited by people. The sunset observatory that connects ocean routes with ant’s waist bridge attracts many photographers thanks to its beautiful landscape during the sunset. The Daebu Haesolgil surrounding Daebu Island offers a wide range of landscapes on its pine trees trail, salt field trail, sunset trail, ocean trail, wetland trail, vineyard trail, and country trail. During the summer, families enjoy the wetlands of the West Coast and seasonal birds.
  • Daebu Bada Hyanggi Theme Park : Daebu Bada Hyanggi Theme Park, which is filled with the fragrance of tulips in the spring and cosmos in the fall, has distinct seasonal characteristics that attract tourists and visitors throughout the year. The park’s iconic windmill gives it an exotic atmosphere, as if an entire town in Netherlands had been relocated to Korea. The windmill is a popular place for visitors who want to pose for pictures.Most of all, the trail that allows you to see the entire park is enjoyed by many hikers.
  • Glass Island : Glass Island is Korea’s Murano, famous for its glass craft! Glass Island in Daebu Island is a multicultural complex over a wide area of 43,000㎡ in 2012, established with the goal of becoming Korea’s Murano.The Island has glass sculptural park and museums featuring works by famous artists. Visitors can also watch glass craft demonstrations and even create their own glass artworks.
  • Overnight at hotel in Seoul.
Day 5


  • After breakfast, you will meet with a DRIVER ONLY at hotel lobby and transfer to ICN Airport for departure.
  • Note: The driver cannot speak English
    1. Guide and vehicle is based on 9 hours per day.
    2. We always arrange convenient and safe vehicles with experienced and courteous drivers, equipped with air conditioner and heater.
    3. Gyeongbokgung Palace will be replaced by Changdeokgung Palace when it is closed on Tuesday.
    4. All tour members are compulsory to visit the specify shopping stopps. However, you are not obligated to purchase product sold at the shopping stop. We reserves the right to collect a penalty surcharges if refuse to visit the shops (penalty surcharge: USD 100/pax)
Terms & Condition

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation policy for one day tour will be automatically applied as below:
    • 100% Refund 15 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 50% Refund 7 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 0% Refund 2 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • Please note that we are not responsible for 5% paypal commission fee. Even for 100% refund, you will not be able to get refund for the 5% paypal commission fee.
  2. If you need to change the date, please cancel and make a new booking. Regular cancellation policy will be applied.
  3. Personal/ Medical/ Bad weather/ Flight cancellation/ Natural disaster/ or any other reasons that we cannot control are NO EXCEPTIONS to the cancellation policy and NO REFUND will be done by the company according to our Cancellation policy.
  4. Written notice of cancellation must be received by Etourism Co. Ltd. either by email or via our website. Oral cancellation will not be accepted.
  5. If for some personal reasons the client wants to cancel the tour once it already started, NO REFUND will be done by the company.

Accommodation Policy

  1. Customer will be charged for changing hotel or room once upon arrival.
  2. Triple bed will be 1double + 1single bed or Roll away bed or 1 double bed + 1set ondol bed(Tatami style)

Adjustment Policy

  1. We reserve the right to change the tour prices with or without notice due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  2. As a result of various operational factors, usually flight delays and schedule changes, there may be a slight change to the arrangements.
  3. All museums are not offered on Mondays. Another attraction will be a substitute.
  4. We reserve the right to adjust/change our Terms & Conditions without prior notice
  5. Meal menu subject to change.

Responsibility Policy

  1. We have NO RESPONSIBILITY for any Damage/Accident/Death/Loss/Sickness/Injury/Natural disaster/Political or Personal reasons arising from activities during the trip.
  2. You are responsible for respecting the authority and following the directions of the tour guide and Korean laws during a tour.

Health Condition

  1. Some of our tours may include activities such as walking long distance and hiking.
  2. It is your responsibility to consult with your physician regarding your health condition and ability to travel long distances. Please let us know your needs when booking. In case we cannot provide the service, you need to be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for independently providing the needed assistance.

Please refer to the Terms and conditions.

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23 reviews for 5 DAYS Undertourism in Korea [Private Tour]

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    It was so nice to discover the less known but still beautiful places of South Korea !

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    I recommend

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    Highly recommended

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    Absolutely great from day 1 to day 5

  15. Daryl

    This tour is a must-do definitely, loved the concept

  16. Judy

    Proof that you can visit South Korea even if you don’t really enjoy visiting big cities! Loved it

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    The itinerary is perfect, we visited a lot of great places! It was super peaceful. Everyone was lovely, the kids loved it very much.

  18. Dez

    These were 5 unforgettable days

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    Very nice tour. I’ve visited a lot of places in Korea but couldn’t get enough.

  20. Jacques

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    I’m so thankful for this tour because I never would have been able to visit all these places on my own.

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    The Korean architecture is stunning. From ancient temples to modern skyscrapers, the buildings in Korea are beautiful and unique. I would highly recommend this destination to anyone interested in architecture and design.

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