1 DAY Baekje Culture Tour [Private Tour]

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  • This is for FOREIGNERS ONLY
  • The price is same for adults and children
  • No charge for under 24 months (ID verification)
  • For 1 Pax & more than 7 Pax, please contact us via email

Tour info

Min PAX:
1 Person
3 days in advance
Within 2 business days
Meeting Point:
Hotel Pickup (Must be within Seoul)
English/ Chinese
(*Notify us if you need other language speaking guide)

Special offer

  • A unique one day tour which you can visit Gongju and Buyeo.
  • Enjoy exploring the beautiful culture of Baekje dynasty.
  • A chance to compare with Gyeongju, which has historical remains of Silla dynasty.
  • Mission: Find the Gilt-bronze Incense Burner of Baekje
  • Lunch
  • All transportation
  • All entrance fees
  • English speaking driving tour guide with commentary
  • Dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Personal expenses
  • Extra usage for transportation and tour guide (USD 40/hour)
  • AM 08:00-10:00

    Start the Tour

    Meet with tour guide at hotel in Seoul and transfer to Gongju

  • AM 10:00-12:30

    Gongsanseong Fortress & Royal Tomb of King Muryeong

    Gongju Gongsanseong Fortress [UNESCO World Heritage]

    Gongsanseong Fortress: Located in Gongju-si, Gongsanseong Fortress is a mountain castle which was established during the Baekje Period (234-678). The castle is about 2.5km long. It was initially known as Ungjinseong and subsequently as Gongsanseong during the reign of the Goryeo Dynasty. It occupies an area of 20 hectares (49 acres), presently in the Geumseong-dong and Sanseong-dong districts. Following the collapse of the Baekje empire, the ramparts were rebuilt fully as stone walls. The fortress has been illuminated. It functioned both as a defense structure and a royal palace.

    Royal tomb of King Muryeong

    Royal Tomb of King Muryeong: The Royal Tomb of King Muryeong belongs to the 25th king of Baekje. It is also known as the Royal Tombs in Songsan-ri or the Royal Tombs of Baekje. It is located on top of a small hill (elevation 75 metres (246 ft)) on the southern side of the Geumgang River. It was unearthed in 1971 in an intact condition, though some excavations had been carried out in 1927 and 1932. When excavated, the King’s tomb was found in a well-preserved state with its more than 4,600 antiquities in good condition. The King’s queen was also buried here. This was part of six other tombs found among the Royal Tombs at Songsan-ri.

  • PM 12:30-13:30

    Lunch: Set Menu with Steamed Rice Wrapped in a Lotus Leaf

    Rice in a Lotus Leaf 연잎밥 (부여)

    *Meal menu subject to change

  • PM 13:30-17:00

    Buyeo Tour

    Buyeo National Museum

    Buyeo National Museum: Buyeo National Museum is a national museum located in Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea. Since Buyeo was once the capital of the Baekje kingdom during the Sabi period (538-660), the Museum is fully devoted to the Baekje culture.


    Gungnamji Pond: located in Seodong Park, is Korea’s first artificial pond and was created by King Mu (from the Baekje Dynasty) who was in love with and eventually married Princess Seonhwa. ‘Gungnamji’ (literally means ‘a pond in the south of the royal palace’ in Korean) was named according to the Samguksagi record.

    Neungsalli Ancient Tombs

    Neungsalli Ancient Tombs in Buyeo: The Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs were the royal tombs of the Baekje Dynasty from 538 to 660 when the capital of Baekje was Sabi (now Buyeo). In the BaekjeGobun Miniature Museum at the entrance to Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs, mockups and miniature tombs are on display with their cross sections exposed. Here, one can view all kinds of Baekje tombs including stone mounds of the Hanseong Era as well as those discovered in Buyeo.

  • PM 17:00-19:00

    Back to Seoul

    After the tour, you will return to your hotel.

*Tour time stated in Itinerary is subject to change.

  1. Guide and vehicle is based on 11 hours
  2. Meeting time is subject to change depending on your hotel or traffic Jam.
  3. We always arrange convenient and safe vehicles with experienced and courteous drivers, equipped with air conditioner and heater.
Terms & Condition

Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Cancellation policy for one day tour will be automatically applied as below:
    • 100% Refund 7 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 50% Refund 5 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
    • 0% Refund 2 days before the departure (KST 16:00PM)
  2. If you need to change the date, please cancel and make a new booking. Regular cancellation policy will be applied.
  3. Personal/ Medical/ Bad weather/ Flight cancellation/ Natural disaster/ or any other reasons that we cannot control are NO EXCEPTIONS to the cancellation policy and NO REFUND will be done by the company according to our Cancellation policy.
  4. Written notice of cancellation must be received by Etourism Co. Ltd. either by email or via our website. Oral cancellation will not be accepted.
  5. If for some personal reasons the client wants to cancel the tour once it already started, NO REFUND will be done by the company.

Adjustment Policy

  1. We reserve the right to change the tour prices with or without notice due to exchange rate fluctuation.
  2. As a result of various operational factors, usually flight delays and schedule changes, there may be a slight change to the arrangements.
  3. All museums are not offered on Mondays. Another attraction will be a substitute.
  4. We reserve the right to adjust/change our Terms & Conditions without prior notice
  5. Meal menu subject to change.

Responsibility Policy

  1. We have NO RESPONSIBILITY for any Damage/Accident/Death/Loss/Sickness/Injury/Natural disaster/Political or Personal reasons arising from activities during the trip.
  2. You are responsible for respecting the authority and following the directions of the tour guide and Korean laws during a tour.

Health Condition

  1. Some of our tours may include activities such as walking long distance and hiking.
  2. It is your responsibility to consult with your physician regarding your health condition and ability to travel long distances. Please let us know your needs when booking. In case we cannot provide the service, you need to be accompanied by a companion who will be responsible for independently providing the needed assistance.

Please refer to the Terms and conditions.

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Option 1: Deposit (30% from total price) by PayPal and pay the balance in Korea upon arrival.
Option 2: Full payment by PayPal.

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7. Show your voucher to our driver or tour guide at the airport

53 reviews for 1 DAY Baekje Culture Tour [Private Tour]

  1. Tim

    As. big fan of Korea history and culture, this tour was made for me ! I had the best time ever and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in Korea’s culture or history!

  2. Sarah

    A incredibly detail history lecture! Learned a lot form it!

  3. Gondard Albert

    As a fan of history, it was heaven for me !

  4. Julia

    This tour is definitely made for History lovers (and curious people like me) ! I really loved it, the Baekje period is so interesting !

  5. Olivia

    It was so great ! Thank you !

  6. Edward

    Thank you for this wonderful tour ! 5 stars

  7. Mervosh

    It was great, thanks !

  8. Lina

    I really liked it, thanks

  9. Lili

    Loved it so much!

  10. Loona

    Great activities and tour ! Thanks

  11. Jack

    Very good trip if you want to learn about Korea history

  12. Raphaël

    Learned so much about the country’s history, it really puts things into perspective. Thank you etourism!

  13. Jim

    A really interesting visit, I have rarely been so passionate about history.

  14. Noa

    Incredible,I had chills when I saw the king’s tomb

  15. Gin

    A very instructive day, I did not see the time pass.

  16. Vincenzo

    The history of Korea is really fascinating and this visit supports my point.

  17. Mylène

    We really enjoyed this tour, it was extremely interesting and time passed by very quickly

  18. Benji

    Soooo worth it

  19. Jade

    It was a nice little getaway from the constant hustle and bustle of Seoul!

  20. Severine

    I really couldn’t have wished for better!!! The guide was so helpful and amazingly nice. Visits went smoothly and we learned a lot. I’d recommend it even for family time. It’s very educational.

  21. Ilona

    GREAT tour!!!! I really recommend! It was very well organised and we learned a lot about korean history!!!

  22. Josie

    Couldn’t have dreamed for better, honestly this was a very great tour and we had the best time ever

  23. Bertrand

    Appropriate for the whole family. No boring times.

  24. King Ho

    Our family enjoys this very much. Recommend to fans of history and nature.

  25. Angie

    This tour was perfect for me as I am a huge fan of Korean culture and history! I had an amazing time and highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in this trip.

  26. Collin

    i loved being able to see and learn about the history in korea. it was a great opputunity and expereince.

  27. Lianh

    Amazed by this piece of history that was laid out right in front of our eyes! South Korea is truly impressive

  28. Kore

    I love learning and this was the perfect tour for me to discover more about Korean history!

  29. Roland

    I loved South Korea and its history! Etour, good job

  30. Anne-sophie

    South Korea for the win!

  31. Venus

    I need to go back sometimes!

  32. Alicia

    Definitely going back with my children next time to show them how wonderful South Korea is!

  33. Nate

    First time I saw my children this invested in anything else that wasn’t their phones HAHA I recommend Etour and this tour

  34. Mina

    One day wasn’t enough, I will be back for more!

  35. Purma

    Great for the family, amazing time

  36. Valentin

    Great one day outing from the city life

  37. Marcia

    I gained a lot of knowledge about the history of the country, which gave me a better perspective on things. Thank you, Etourism!

  38. Sonia Lai

    1 day is not enough for understanding the Korean culture, I would join a longer tour plan next time

  39. Persis

    I had an excellent tour experience and highly recommend it! The tour was meticulously organized and provided us with extensive knowledge about Korean history.

  40. Giu ming

    Being an avid reader of Korean history, this was the best option for me!

  41. Karla

    I miss this tour and Korea the most

  42. Robin

    `You can’t go wrong with visiting a temple in Korea, always so pretty to look at

  43. Gregory

    Great tour. The only issue was the rain that broke down our plan

  44. Alice M.

    Nice little escape away from Seoul!

  45. Colleen

    I liked visiting temples and pieces of Korean history

  46. Gerard

    Such pretty landscapes

  47. Haku

    I loved this 1 day getaway from Seoul

  48. Léna

    I will be back on an extended tour!

  49. Maria

    Good organisation and professionalism from the guide

  50. Donald Wong

    As a history Major student, I love this tour very much!

  51. Sharron Lau

    The culture and history of Korea is beautifully preserved in its temples and palaces, making it a fascinating destination for travelers seeking a unique experience.

  52. Henry Ng

    Highly recommended for a stress-free and fun travel experience.

  53. Garbile

    Educational tours, learned so much about the country.

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