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Hello Everyone! It’s me again~
Last week, we talked about how to buy a K-pop concert ticket. This week, I will continue with a related topic—PC Bang.

In this blog, I’ll introduce the origin of PC Bang and how to enjoy its service. So… Let’s start!

Origin of PC Bang

For those who don’t know what a PC Bang is, Lemme first introduce it and explain how it came. A PC bang, in Korean, which literally means PC room, is a kind of Internet café and LAN gaming center in South Korea where visitors can pay an hourly charge to play online computer games. An hour of play typically costs in the range of 500 to 1500 KRW, with 1000 KRW per hour as the most prevalent price.




The origin of PC bang starts with ‘전자카페’ (‘Jeonja Kape), which literally translates to ‘Electronic Cafe’ It launched in March 1988 and shut its doors in 1991. Ahn Sang-soo and Gum Nu-ri are “‘전자카페”‘s original inventors. They work as professors at Kookmin and Hongik Universities, respectively. This electronic café was opened near Hongik University. Labels like “modem cafe,” “network cafe,” and “cyber cafe” were eventually developed by the press. And now, “PC Bang.” is here.

A New Open-up PC Bang!

Today, I will show you a new open-up PC Bang “T1 Base Camp.”
The global esports organization opened this PC Bang on the 13 of May in Seoul’s Hongdae district, which is known for its young mood and urban subculture filled with independent stores, nightclubs, and entertainment venues.

A short walk from Hongdae station exit1, you will see a board with PC cafe wordings. After walking down the stair, you will reach a 9,200 square feet space decorated in T1’s distinctive red, white, and black logo colors.

Once you arrive at the PC Bang, you will see a giant figure of one of their pro players. Then, you can see the official MD products the shop sells, such as clothes, bags, notebooks, etc. The arena is decorated with posters bearing the names and photos of its League of Legends professional players. Don’t miss it if you’re a fan of their team. On match days, the T1 PC bang will offer free live streaming of their games, so be sure to stop by and cheer them on with other supporters.


How to enjoy services in PC Bang?


General Use

Lemme show you the actual progress on buying the ticket and logging in to the computer.

There are two ticket vending machines. Before buying tickets, you can check the available seats at the right-head corner of the screen. As a foreigner, I don’t have a membership of the PC Bang. I have to choose the non-membership button. Later on, we can decide how long we will stay at BC Bang. The last step is payment. You can pay with cash or a credit card if you cannot use Kakao Talk or other local Korean payment methods. If you have a payment problem in Korea, please wait for our upcoming video! Finally, the machine will print a ticket for you.

After payment, you can enter the computer zone and find a free seat.
Push the button and turn on your computer. You have to log in with the number on your ticket. And that’s it! You can enjoy your games till the time’s up.

Food and Beverages Service

Moreover, you can order food through your computer if you are hungry while playing the games. As you can see, you can choose different types of beverages and food. We can order not only rice and noodles, but also snacks and side dishes. After finishing your meal, put your bowls and cups on your desk’s shelf. Some staff will come and get them back. A little reminder, they will only let you order an hour before you leave, and the Food Service will end at 8 p.m. I have missed the food service twice TT



Remember to log out before you leave PC Bang!!!.

It is the end of today’s blog, and I hope you guys wuold like it! See you next week! Byebye~

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