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New Year : 5 thing to do in South Korea

Will you be in South Korea to celebrate the New Year ?

Here is 5 things to do to enjoy this annual and worldwide phenomen which represents for many people a renewal, a way to let behind them all the bad memories from the previous year.

Bell-tolling at Bosingak Belfry

The Bosingak Berlfry is from the Jeseon Dynasty. It was rung to notify to Seoul citizens of the opening and closing time of the city gates. Meanwhile, today, it’s a kind of an unnoticed building by tourists and passerby that probably don’t even know about it. But every year, the 31th December, it’s a revival ! Thousands gather in front of to witness the annual tradition of the running bell. The Bosingak Belfry is run a total of 33 times then follow a firework.

Lotte World Sunrise

Are you a firework lover ? For you, there is no New year without firework ? What about attending to the Lotte World Sunrise event ?

Lotte World is the fifth tallest building in the world and the Highest in South Korea. The fireworks lasts 555 seconds to represent the 555 meters of the Skycraper. The show starts at 8:30pm.

Many viewers are waited for this celebration. If you don’t want to join a huge crowned you can climb one of the numerous mountains near to watch it from an higher place !

COEX Firework Show

Every year the COEX Firework show takes place.The famous mall helds a great colorful firework to celebrate the new year.

Then, you will be driven to Gyeongpodae beach, one of the most beautiful places to catch the sunrise in Korea. You will gather the crowd on the beach and wait for the sun.

Watching the sunrise for the New Year is very popular is Korea. It’s indeed a way to send your wishes for this new year to the sun and let behind you all the bad things from the previous year.

Gyeongpo beach

Busan New year festival

The Busan New Year Festival is a annual Festival celebrated by Busan citizen and Tourists who are visiting the city. The festival consists of a bell-tolling ceremony following by a Sunrise event on the beach. It will starts at 11 p.m the 31th december at Yongdusan Park for the Bell-tolling celebration and will  continue until the morning  on Haeundae beach.

Samcheok Sunrise Festival

The Samcheok Sunrise Festival starts the 1st of January at 5 am. People gather on the Beach to watch the Sunrise together. Program ? Musical performances, Fireworks , Bell of hope striking, Free Odeng, Flying balloons and more. This festival is a good way to start the new year, telling your wishes face to the sea, while watching the Sun that in raising !

Bonus :

Golgulsa New Year Templestay program

If you want to celebrate your New Year far from bars, pubs, city…if you want a new to discover a new way to celebrate 2020m what about spending your night at Golgulsa temple for a templestay event !  This temple is a Buddhist heritage and prepares every year a full program to remove your old Karma and praying for a healthy and prosperous new year.

You will learn about Sunmudo, an alternative martial art that joins martial art and meditation. But that’s not all, you will be able to share with Buddhist monk over a tea, meditation and more. It’s a whole program to reflect on yourself and start the new year with serenity.

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