Neungsalli Ancient Tombs in Buyeo 2


61, Wangneung-ro, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 부여군 부여읍 왕릉로 61

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March-October 09:00-18:00
November-February 09:00-17:00

Hundreds of Baekje tombs are scattered across Buyeo. Among them, Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs, which are close to Buyeo, have been relatively well preserved and are fairly large in size.

The Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs were the royal tombs of the Baekje dynasty from 538 to 660 when the capital of Baekje was Sabi (now Buyeo). In the Baekje Gobun Miniature Museum at the entrance to Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs, mockups and miniature tombs are on display with their cross sections exposed. Here, one can view all kinds of Baekje tombs including stone mounds of the Hanseong Era as well as those discovered in Buyeo.

A total of seven ancient tombs from the Baekje era make up the Ancient Tombs in Neungsan-ri, Buyeo. The identities of the grave occupants are still unknown but they are presumed to be part of the royal family. One tomb in particular, Junghachong, has an arched ceiling just like that of the royal tomb of King Muryeong, differentiating it from the remaining tombs that have ceilings in the shape of squares or hexagons.

Next to the tombs, visitors can see what remains of Buyeo Naseong, the outer fortress wall protecting the ancient capital city. The wall is made up of a flat stone exterior, with a gentle sloping hill on the city side to allow those inside the fortress to more easily fight off outside attacks. The location of the wall provides insight into how large the capital city was during the Baekje period in Buyeo.

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