731, Namhansanseong-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do
경기도 광주시 남한산성면 남한산성로 731 (남한산성면)


[Namhansanseong Provincial Park]
[Namhansanseong Haenggung]
Individual: Adults 2,000 won / Children 1,000 won
Group: Adults 1,600 won / Children 800 won
* Free (ID required): Seniors, the handicapped (plus 1 companion), local residents
* Group: 30 people or more
* Adults (age 19-64), Children (age 7-18)

Parking fee : 1000 won

Operating hours

Mondays (excluding national holidays)

Mountain Not Access Period 
Seasonal Forest Fire Watch
February 1-May 15, November 1-December 15


Located on Namhansan Mountain, the Namhansanseong Fortress was originally built during the Goguryeo period about 2,000 years ago and after many renovations, it became a designated UNESCO World Heritage site in 2014. There are five courses to walk along the fortress with varying levels of difficulty. The fortress is great for all seasons and you can enjoy the different colours of the mountain at different times of the year.


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