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Let us intrigue you: Korean Urban Legends and Haunted places!


Korean urban legends hold significant cultural and psychological meanings in Korea. They often reflect societal fears, values, and beliefs, serving as cautionary tales or explanations for unexplained phenomena. These legends also tap into the collective imagination, shaping perceptions of the supernatural and the unknown. Additionally, they provide a way for individuals to navigate modern challenges while preserving traditional storytelling elements. Overall, Korean urban legends play a complex role in Korean culture, intertwining folklore, history, and contemporary anxieties.




Here are a few popular urban legends you might have heard of:

  • Ghost on Jayu-ro motorway :

jayuro road

The urban legend unfolds on Jayu-ro, a motorway linking Seoul to Paju in Gyeonggi Province, known for eerie encounters. 

Rumors spread of a woman appearing in the middle of the road late at night, seemingly wearing sunglasses. Closer inspection reveals black voids instead of eyes.

Public interest peaked when celebrities like Park Shin-hye and others shared their eerie experiences encountering this woman on TV. Some believed she was a ghost seeking a ride.

TvN even consulted an exorcist to explain the phenomenon, revealing the spirit of a young woman murdered nearby, adding to the mystery surrounding Jayu-ro’s ghostly reputation.


  • Hong Kong grandma:

hong kong grandma

During the late 80s and early 90s, a chilling urban legend known as “The Hong Kong Grandma” gained popularity. Despite the innocuous image typically associated with grandmothers, this tale takes a terrifying turn. Legend has it that an elderly woman traveling from Korea to Hong Kong perished in a plane crash. In her final moments, she inexplicably merged with her beloved cat, transforming into a half-human, half-cat specter. This ghastly entity is rumored to stalk the night, preying on unsuspecting children whom she kidnaps and murders. Her feline attributes grant her unparalleled agility, making escape nearly impossible as she dashes swiftly and leaps effortlessly. The juxtaposition of a seemingly harmless grandmother figure with supernatural and predatory abilities adds a spine-chilling dimension to this haunting urban legend.


  • Virgin Ghosts:

virgin ghosts

Virgin ghosts, known as Cho-nyo-Gwishin, are a prevalent urban legend in South Korea. Described as having long black hair obscuring their faces and possessing unsettling visages, these ghosts are associated with a sudden and significant drop in temperature in their presence. Their eerie appearance and chilling effect on the environment contribute to their haunting reputation in Korean folklore.



  • Pohang Hospital:

pohang hospital

Pohang Hospital, established during the Korean War, carries a somber history marked by tragic events that have left an indelible mark on its premises. Over the years, reports of paranormal activities have emerged, contributing to its reputation as a place where echoes of the past seem to persist. Visitors and staff alike have recounted unsettling experiences such as unexplained noises resonating through deserted corridors and ghostly apparitions traversing the dimly illuminated hallways. The prevalent belief among many is that the souls of patients and soldiers who met untimely ends during the war remain trapped within the hospital, creating an atmosphere steeped in both history and hauntings.


  • Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital:


Gonjiam Psychiatric Hospital, situated on the outskirts of Seoul, has gained infamy as a haunted location since its abandonment in the 1990s. Its deteriorating structure, coupled with a history marred by mistreatment, has cemented its reputation as one of South Korea’s most haunted spots. Ghost hunters and thrill-seekers are drawn to its eerie ambiance, decayed interiors, and dark past. Reports of paranormal activity abound, with visitors recounting experiences such as disembodied voices, shadowy apparitions, and inexplicable cold spots. In this desolate place, the boundary between the realms of the living and the dead appears hauntingly blurred.


  •  Bangour Village Hospital:


If you happen to be in the port city of Busan, South Korea, don’t miss the chance to explore Bangour Village Hospital. This abandoned medical complex, which thrived in its heyday, was left deserted in the 2000s, creating a haunting maze of dilapidated buildings and lingering memories. The site has become a magnet for paranormal enthusiasts due to numerous reports of ghostly sightings, echoing footsteps in deserted corridors, and unexplained cries piercing the silence. Many speculate that the tormented spirits of past patients still roam the premises, adding to the eerie allure of this abandoned hospital.


We hope you did not get too scared reading about these peculiar stories and you found them interesting!

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