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Explore Seoul’s shopping scene for stylish international sizing!


Finding international size-fitting stores in Korea might require a bit of research, as the availability of such stores can vary depending on the location and the specific brands they carry. However, here are a few strategies and places to consider:


Department Stores

  1. Lotte Department Store:
    With numerous locations across Korea, Lotte Department Store is a major retail chain that often carries international brands catering to various sizes.
  2. Hyundai Department Store:
    Another prominent department store chain in Korea, Hyundai Department Store, particularly its flagship store in Apgujeong, Seoul, features a wide range of international fashion brands.
  3. Shinsegae Department Store:
    Shinsegae is known for its upscale offerings and may carry international brands with diverse size options.



Global Fashion Chains

  1. Zara:
    Zara is a popular international fashion retailer known for its trendy clothing and might offer sizes suitable for a diverse range of customers.
  2. H&M:
    H&M typically provides a broad range of sizes, including options for international customers.
  3. Uniqlo:
    Uniqlo is renowned for its high-quality basics and often offers sizing suitable for various body types.
  4. Gap:
    Gap is another global brand that may provide inclusive sizing options.
  5. Forever 21:
    While catering to younger demographics, Forever 21 may offer a range of sizes including options suitable for international customers.



Online Shopping

  1. ASOS:
    ASOS is an online fashion retailer that ships internationally, offering a vast selection of clothing with detailed sizing guides.
  2. Amazon:
    Amazon’s global marketplace often features clothing items from international sellers with diverse size options.
  3. Zalando:
    Zalando is another online platform that offers shipping to Korea and carries a wide array of brands with various sizes.



Specialty Stores

  1. Plus-Size Boutiques:
    Look for specialty boutiques or stores that focus on plus-size fashion, such as Romi Story, Richmood, Mariang Plus or 09 Women.
  2. Tall Clothing Retailers:
    For taller individuals, specialty stores might offer clothing options tailored to their needs. 4XR, Stylenanda, Cherrykoko and 66Girls are some good choices.

romi story


Other options

  1. Custom Tailoring Services:
    In areas with a significant expatriate community, bespoke tailoring services may cater to diverse body types and sizes.
  2. Expat Communities:
    Online forums, social media groups, or expat communities such as can provide valuable recommendations and insights into where to find clothing suitable for international sizes in Korea.
  3. Shopping Districts like Myeongdong:
    Known as one of Seoul’s primary shopping districts, Myeongdong features a mix of local and international retailers, offering various size options.



When exploring these options, it’s essential to check sizing charts provided by the stores or brands to ensure a proper fit, as sizing standards can vary widely between countries and regions. Additionally, be mindful of return policies, especially when shopping online.

So, are you ready? Dive into Seoul’s fashion frenzy and find the perfect fit with international sizes that match your vibe!


By Cristina SEVERI

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