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서울 중구 청계천로 40 한국관광공사 서울센터 1~5층


Opening hours

Everyday: 10:00 – 21:00


HiKR Ground is a tourism promotion center offering immersive experiences and information on Hallyu content and tourist destinations in Korea. Each floor offers a variety of sets and activities to do for the youth to enjoy K Culture to its fullest! The name ”HiKR Ground” embodies the meaning that Korea (KR) will greet (“Hi”) global tourists and become a playground. On the first floor, there is a space to enjoy various media arts through the large media “HiKR Wall”, where visitors can see “Landscape of the New City” by media artist Lee Lee-Nam and Korean tourism videos publicly submitted by global Hallyu fans. On the second floor, visitors can make their own K-pop music videos using the XR Live Studio. At the window facing the restored Cheonggyecheon Stream, there is a  mesmerizing artwork called ”North Wall” by installation artist Suh Do-ho. On the third and fourth floors, visitors can get immersed in Korean local tourism through various arts, experiences, and exhibitions.

Parking Facilities

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