Hanok Tea House Insadong


14 Jongrogu Insadong, Seoul

서울 종로구 인사동14길 12


Opening hours

Everyday: 11:00 – 22:00


Hanok Teahouse, with an already unique name, is famous for being a cafe with a distinctive interior. With old-fashioned furniture crafted from solid wood as background, each room has its own unique interior based on its different characteristics. For example, a room where you can sit in front of an ordinary table or sit directly on the floor are all included in the options. Out of all, the best part has to be the unique front yard that only Hanok Teahouse has. Hanok Teahouse’s yard which reminds you of a high-class garden is a trademark that compels you to take a picture if you happen to visit the place. If you are into a unique cafe instead of a normal one, Insa-dong’s Hanok Teahouse is the place for you.

Parking Facilities

Not specified




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