143, Nammun 2-ro, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

충청남도 서산시 해미면 남문2로 143


Opening hours

March-October 05:00-21:00 / November-February 06:00-19:00
* Last admission is 30 minute before closing.


Haemieupseong Walled Town is a representative fortress from the Joseon period. Additional famous walled towns in Korea include Gochangeupseong Walled Town and Naganeupseong Walled Town. Haemieupseong Walled Town was established in 1491 during the 22nd year of King Seongjong. Its perimeter is approximately 1.8 kilometers, the height is 5 meters, and total area is 196,381 m², making it a huge fortress. Through restoration and purification projects, its old image has been restored as a historic park and it is famous as a site of Catholic martyrs’ in the late Joseon era.

During the persecution of Catholics, many Catholics from Chungcheong-do were forced to come to Haemieupseong Walled Town where the administration office was located. Upon arrival, they were tortured to death. In particular, approximately 1,000 people are recorded as having been executed during the persecution in 1866.

The plaza inside of the fortress has a prison site where Catholics were chained up under the Daewongun government, and a gigantic old tree which was the tree used for torturing. The stones which were used for thrashing are located outside of a fortress gate and have become a holy place.

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