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Do you struggle to find the best makeup products or outfits that suit your skin tone and personal style? 

Many people often feel unsure about what makeup products or outfits suit them best. This uncertainty may stem from not understanding their skin tone or personal style. It can be challenging to choose makeup and clothing that complement one’s natural features and highlight their unique beauty.

How to analyze your personal color by yourself - Korea Beauty Trend | HaB

If so, consider trying the personal colour test that is currently popular in Korea. This test helps you identify the colors that complement your skin tone and enhance your natural beauty. By knowing which colors suit you best, you can confidently choose cosmetics and clothing that flatter your appearance. Don’t hesitate to try this popular trend in Korea to discover your best look!

BEAUTY PLAY_韩国景点推荐_韩国旅游网-韩巢网

Beauty Play, a beauty experience center in Myeongdong, Korea, offers a free color analysis machine to help you find the colors that suit your skin tone and personal style. With precise analysis, the test classifies colors into warm or cool, and further into seasons. Discover which colors enhance your natural beauty for both makeup and clothing. Don’t miss this opportunity to find your perfect match!

Address: 3F, 73 Myeongdong-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

Open hours: Tueday – Saturday 10:30 -16:30

How to do the test?

First, press the interface on the machine, then pick up the color card located at the bottom right corner of the machine. Let the machine detect the color card and your face.

The machine will display your personalized color wheel, the three colors that best suit you, and color combinations to avoid. It will then explain how to pair these colors with your makeup and provide a detailed diagnosis of each area of your face.

If you want to receive more results, you can either use KakaoTalk or enter your own phone number, and they will send an SMS to your mobile phone.

After completing the above steps and obtaining the test result, you can try the free makeup experience at Beauty Play based on your result. They will provide suggestions and help you apply makeup to one of your facial features, such as eyeshadow.

BEAUTY PLAY_韩国景点推荐_韩国旅游网-韩巢网

If you enjoy the experience, you can also check out their makeup product trial area, which offers a variety of free samples. If you find something you like, you can purchase it on the spot.

BEAUTY PLAY_韩国景点推荐_韩国旅游网-韩巢网

Hope this helps you, thank you for watching!

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