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Discover everything you need at Daiso Korea!


In Korea’s bustling downtown, you’ve likely seen the familiar red and white “Daiso” signboard—a franchise known for budget-friendly goods. However, Daiso Korea has set itself apart by producing its own original products since 2014. In 2023, it cut ties with the Japanese franchise, becoming fully Korean-owned. Now, Daiso Korea is gaining attention from foreign travelers, sparking excitement. Explore why in this article !


  1. “Daiso: Your One-Stop Shop”

Daiso Korea boasts 1,500 stores nationwide, offering a diverse range of products from home décor to electronics, snacks, and travel accessories. Whether you’re looking for kitchen gadgets or travel essentials, Daiso has you covered.


  1. Get more for less:

Despite inflation, Daiso Korea maintains its price ceiling at 5,000 won (approx. USD 4.00), with products ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 won—appealing to budget-conscious shoppers. Snacks and candies, comparable in size to convenience stores, are priced lower at 1,000 to 2,000 won, offering a chance to explore diverse Korean delicacies at affordable prices.



  1. Seasonal and Life hack Products

Daiso Korea’s bustling stores enchant customers year-round with seasonal treasures and handy life hacks. Colorful displays near the entrance mirror each season’s vibe, while clever solutions streamline daily tasks. Plus, their collaborations with beloved character franchises like Disney offer both charm and practicality. Check social media for the latest trends!


  1. Affordable K-beauty:


Daiso Korea offers beauty products priced at 5,000 won or less, proving affordability doesn’t compromise quality. Partnering with major cosmetics manufacturers like Kolmar Korea and Cosmax ensures top-notch offerings. Popular items include 1,000-won sheet masks and renowned brands like CLIO and Nature Republic. The VT Reedle Shot is currently a top seller. With a constant stream of new products, Daiso attracts both Korean youth and budget-conscious shoppers. Its appeal extends to international travelers seeking affordable household goods or gifts. Keep an eye out for the iconic red and white sign—you might just discover something unexpectedly essential.


Navigate Daiso to find what you want:

Make your Daiso shopping experience smoother by taking a photo of the item you’re looking for. This way, you can easily show it to staff for assistance instead of searching through aisles. During self-checkout, remember to scan the QR code, not the barcode. If a QR code isn’t present, ask staff for help or scan the barcode as an alternative.



Noteworthy Daiso Stores:


-Daiso Myeongdong Station Branch, a 12-story Mega Daiso

Address: 134-1 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 

-Daiso Gangnam Express Bus Terminal Branch, the Largest Daiso Store

Address: 194 Sinbanpo-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul 



Enjoy your shopping!




By Maëlle Geffray

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