서울 마포구 동교로9길 12 지층~1층 카페하모니


Opening hours

Everyday: 11:00 – 20:00


With F&B and GOODS that are infused with the love of two friends, Kuromi and My Melody demonstrate their amazing chemistry! You’ll lose track of time because to the genuine two-dimensional chemistry of Kuromi*My Melody. To hear Kuromi and My Melody’s exquisite harmonies, go to CAFE HARMONY.

(On-site Reservation / MD STORE ONLY)
Reservation service for on-site waiting may close earlier than business hours.
If you do not enter the restaurant within 15 minutes of the on-site wait, the wait may be canceled.
(Catch Table Advance Reservation/CAFE ONLY)
The cafe on the 2nd floor is only available to customers with advance reservations.
– It is operated as a “table reservation system”.
– Reservation link : httos://
– One table can be reserved per ID, and one table can be used for up to 4 people.
– For more than 5 people, please make additional reservations with a different ID.
If you do not arrive within 10 minutes of your Catch Table reservation, your table may be canceled.
Catch table reservations will be verified at the time of entry.
(Please bring your ID and do not allow others to enter or transfer your reservation)

[Gift Shop/Café Information]
You can visit the gift shop without a reservation.
If you use the gift shop only, you cannot use the photo zone or cafe.
When using the cafe, please place an order for one person.
[Telephone Inquiries]
The following hours are available for consultation. We appreciate your understanding for the smooth operation of Cafe Harmony.
Mon-Fri: 12:00 ~ 19:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: 15:00 ~ 19:00

Parking Facilities

Not specified




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