Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy


154, Dosanseowon-gil, Dosan-myeon, Andong-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 안동시 도산면 도산서원길 154 (도산면)

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Operating Hours

Summer 09:00-18:00
Winter 09:00-17:00


The Byeongsan Seowon is a seowon located in the Byeongsan-ri village of Pungcheon-myeon county in the city of Andong, in North Gyeongsang province, South Korea. Seowon is a type of local academy that occured in the Joseon dynasty.

In terms of architecture, Dosanseowon Confucian Academy complex can largely be divided into Dosanseodang compound and Dosanseowon compound. Dosanseodang area consists of living quarters and lecture halls where Toegye Yi Hwang, an eminent Confucian scholar, lived and taught his students. Dosanseowon was built after Toegye Yi Hwang passed away by his followers in legacy of his teachings as well as to pay respects to the deceased.

Built in 1561, Dosanseodang lecture hall is the oldest building in the whole complex. It was personally designed by Yi Hwang, penname Toegye, to further his studies while educating future scholars after moving to the countryside. Living quarters used as a student dormitory were also built along with the lecture hall.

Dosanseowon compound was completed in 1976, six years after Yi Hwang’s death. Yi Hwang ancestral tablet was enshrined inside Sangdeoksa Shrine (Treasure No. 211) in 1972. Two years later, Jeongyodang Lecture Hall (Treasure No. 210) was built to relocate the tablet and with the addition of buildings to the hall’s east and west, the area became a seowon. In 1975, the establishment was bestowed a royal charter and a plaque with the name Dosanseowon written by Han Seok-bong, and became the Confucian academy headquarters in the Yeongnam region.

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