Seoul Mapo-gu Donggyo-ro 192
192 동교로 마포구 서울특별시

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Boseung Hall is a popular restaurant chain in Korea that serves traditional Korean dishes. With multiple branches throughout the country, the restaurant offers authentic Korean cuisine. Also, it is beloved by locals and tourists alike.


At Boseung Hall, the focus is on high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. The restaurant’s signature dish, Boseung Hoegwang, uses fresh skate. Also, the dish has various side dishes, such as spicy peppers and pickled vegetables. This can complement the unique taste and texture of the skate.

In addition to its famous Boseung Hoegwang, Boseung Hall offers a wide range of other dishes that showcase the rich and diverse cuisine of South Korea. From classic dishes like bibimbap and bulgogi to lesser-known specialties like acorn jelly and bean sprout soup. Therefore, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


The restaurant’s interior is modern and stylish, with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. It is perfect for a casual meal with friends or a romantic dinner for two. Moreover, the branches are located in convenient and accessible locations throughout the country. Making it easy for visitors to experience the taste of traditional Korean cuisine.

The popularity of Boseung Hall has grown in recent years, thanks in part to its commitment to using high-quality ingredients and traditional cooking methods. Besides, the restaurant chain has become a go-to destination for locals and tourists looking to experience the authentic taste of Korean cuisine.

If you want to taste traditional Korean food, visiting Boseung Hall is necessary. With its multiple branches and commitment to quality, the restaurant chain offers an experience that will leave a lasting impression.

Average spending,₩8.5 per person.

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