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Enjoy a fresh summer with these korean food!


In the scorching heat of Korean summers, nothing beats the refreshing food that you can find in South Korea. From icy desserts to chilled noodles, Korean cuisine offers a variation of dishes perfectly crafted to combat the high temperatures. Here’s what you to enjoy to feel a breeze all summer:


  1. Bingsu:

Bingsu is the ultimate summer dessert in Korea. This delicious dessert features shaved ice as its base, topped with an assortment of sweet treats. Common toppings include sweetened red beans, chewy rice cakes, fresh fruits, and a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk. Bingsu comes in various flavors and styles, for everyone’s taste. 


  1. Naengmyeon:

Naengmyeon (also known as cold noodles) is a Korean dish that procures a fresh heaven from the heat. These thin noodles are made from buckwheat or sweet potato starch and served in a chilled broth or mixed with a spicy sauce. Mul Naengmyeon features noodles in a refreshing beef broth garnished with cucumbers, Korean pear, and a boiled egg.


  1. Samgyetang:

Samgyetang, a traditional Korean ginseng chicken soup, is not only a nourishing dish but also a popular choice during the summer months. Despite its hot broth, Samgyetang is believed to help regulate body temperature and restore vitality, making it an ideal meal to combat summer fatigue.


  1. Hwachae:

Hwachae is a traditional Korean fruit punch. Made by mixing fresh fruits such as watermelon, strawberries, and citrus with fruit juice, Hwachae is a refreshing beverage perfect for quenching thirst on hot summer days. Hwachae is often served at summer gatherings and celebrations, offering a burst of fruity flavor and a welcome respite from the heat.


  1. Sikhye:

Sikhye is a traditional Korean rice beverage that offers a cool and refreshing break from the summer heat. Made from malted barley and cooked rice, Sikhye is sweetened with sugar and flavored with hints of ginger and pine nuts. Served chilled, this refreshing drink is enjoyed as a dessert or palate cleanser, providing a soothing contrast to spicy Korean dishes.


Korean cuisine offers the perfect foods for the summer season. Whether you’re seeking a sweet treat to cool off or a hearty meal to rejuvenate, Korean summer food promise to delight the senses and leave you craving more.

Enjoy summer in Korea and stay hydrated!




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