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I never thought that my first experience of going to a police station was in Seoul. It was an embarrassing but unforgettable story.

How I lost my phone

After finishing watching the Super Junior D&E DElight concert at Seoul Olympic Hall, my friend and I were so tired. Therefore, we decided to take a taxi back to our hotel.









I brought two phones for the concert; one is my newest phone, which is for functioning a Seoul sim card and video recording; another is my old phone, which I used in my home town and recording the money spent.

I took out my old phone in the taxi to record my spending. Then I put it next to my leg. I kept using my new phone till I left the taxi. When I left the cab, I checked that nothing was on the seat. Then I double-checked whether my phones, passport, and purse were in my pocket. I found out that my old phone was missing. I looked up and found out the taxi was gone at a fast speed and I couldn’t remember the car number.


Helps from Seoul citizen

Who knows I was so panicked that time. Then I got help from a girl who sat nearby at the convenience stall. She helped me to call the police and comforted me.
Later on, two police came and asked me some questions. Although I was unfamiliar with Korean, they were patient with me and didn’t get annoyed. They recorded the case and taught me how to use “lost112”, a Korean website, to search for lost and find issues.


Helps from Police

A few days later, I still haven’t heard any news from the website. Therefore, I went to the Seoul Jongno Police Station, the nearest police station to my hotel. I asked the receptionist about my case and told him I needed proof for insurance. He was so nice and printed all documents that I need for me. I was so nervous that time so I cried. Another policeman who could speak English came and comforted me. I’m still so thankful for how they helped me.







The end of my story…

Five days after I lost my phone, I got a call from the taxi driver. ( Thanks my friend suggested me using the “Mark as Lost” function of Apple’s “Find My” app.). Luckily, my old phone was linked to public wifi, and the “Mark as Lost “function worked. My old iPhone could show my Seoul sim card’s phone number, and anyone with my phone could call me back.
The driver couldn’t speak English, so he let a girl talk with me. They confirmed twice whether I was the phone’s owner or not.

At last, the driver came to my hotel and returned my phone. And that was 01:00. a.m. that time! I was so thankful that he persisted in finding me that late.

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