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Take the taxi in Korea like a pro!


You probably have heard of the numerous means of transport in South Korea, especially in Seoul and how efficient it can be, featuring:

  1. Extensive public transit, including subways, buses, and trains,
  2. High-speed rail (KTX) connecting major cities,
  3. Intercity buses for affordable travel,
  4. Well-developed expressways for road travel,
  5. International and domestic flights through major airports,
  6. Growing cycling infrastructure, with dedicated lanes and rental systems,
  7. Easily accessible taxis in urban areas.

Overall, South Korea’s transportation system is known for its efficiency and modern infrastructure, facilitating convenient travel throughout the country. However, the last transportation will interest us the most, as it is quite complex to understand due to its multiple choices.

In this post we will guide you through the diverse landscape of Korean Taxis.


Types of Taxis:

Standard Taxis: Ilban Taxi (일반 택시)

  • Orange or Silver,
  • Low rates= 2,800 – 3,800 KRW.

Standard Taxi

Electric Taxis

  • Blue Sedan,
  • Taxi fare = same as standards.

Electric Taxi

Deluxe Taxis: Mobeom taxi (모범택시)

  • ‘Model’ Taxis,
  • Black with yellow sign on top,
  • Spacious passenger area, higher fee, higher standard of service,
  • Usually seen in front of hotels, bus terminals, major city roads,
  • Fare = 3,200 – 6,500 KRW.

Deluxe Taxi

Van Taxi:

  • For group travelers (6-10 people),
  • Fare = same as Deluxe.

Van Taxi

International Taxi:

  • Foreign language Taxi services,
  • Mainly for airport-city center rides.

International Taxi

How to book a Taxi:

Call on the streets: 

Available if : red light inside the passenger-side windshield or if you can see the word 빈차 (bin-cha) on it, which translate to ‘empty car’. However the following signs means that the cab is not available:

  • 휴무 = not in service → usually taxi drivers just turn off their lights instead of putting up this sign,
  • 예약 = reserved → Be careful! This sign is also written in red!
  • 탑승 = there is already a passenger!

Call Taxi in the Street


Using the KakaoT app is very common in South Korea to book a taxi and it is the safest way to reach your destination as you will have to enter the pick up and drop off location before asking for a taxi!

You may choose which kind of taxi you wish to ride in and an approximate costs of your journey → the cost shown is the maximum you could be charged for.

For the payment, you may either register your credit card in the app or pay directly to the driver. However, you will have to register a phone number in case the driver can’t locate you and has to call you.

You can track your destination to make sure the driver is following the right route. If anything goes wrong, the app contains every contact info regarding the driver so you can report them just in case.


Uber Taxi: 

It is the easiest way for foreigners to take a taxi in South Korea. Because you can already use the app in your home country and also because it doesn’t ask you for a phone number verification or anything, just your payment information (if card payment is used). 

Booking a taxi on Uber is easy because the app is in English and you can choose to pay by card or in person. Also, it gives you an approximate price of the total of the ride. 

You can also choose which type of taxis you wish to have; standard, economy, deluxe, van…

Uber Taxi

Payment Process:

  • You can pay by cash, card or even sometimes with T-money card,
  • You may also ask for a receipt if you want one as it is connected to the meter! It is also an efficient way to contact the driver if you left anything in the cab!
  • Tipping is not common in Seoul : it can be seen as rude!

To Know:

  • Refusing passengers: It is not uncommon to see a driver refuse to take a passenger if the distance is too short and it is a busy day or if the distance is too long, or if the location is opposite of the driver in their end of shift,
  • Drivers might try to make you pay more if you are a foreigner, by taking a longer route for example→ to avoid it ask questions about why he took a different route,
  • Drivers might prefer being paid by cash, but they are legally required to accept your card → readers might not work so be careful,
  • Always make sure that the meter is at 0 before you leave the pick-up spot!!


DISCLAIMER: Standard taxi surcharge

Taxis charge 20% more than usual:

  • when traveling at night, between midnight and 4 am,
  • when traveling outside the city.


Ride safely and stay attentive!




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