All things you need to know for winter in Korea 

All things you need to know for winter in Korea thumnbanil

Although is still August, mid-summer, it might be a bit early to make plans for winter.
But, preparation would never make you lose anything! When winter arrives in Korea, icy cold winds come with it.
Yet, no matter how cold, there are also certain sports that can be only enjoyed during the winter.
Korea’s winter lasts from December to February, the temperature is about -6~3°C on average but could drop below -10°C.
Winter brings more snow than rain. I would highly recommend you to wear a thick coat, gloves, hat and winter shoes for outdoor activities. Remember to read the full article and Bookmark what, when who, and which activities and festivals you would like to enjoy this winter, the cold and snowy season!

strawberry Picking
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1. Strawberry picking

Even though strawberries are summer fruits, it’s rich fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C could help keep us from catching a cold. And this is also the reason why the majority of Korean enjoy strawberries during winter. With the advanced development of greenhouse farming, you could harvest strawberries even when it is “off-season”, much earlier than before, some as early as October! Picking strawberries at a local Korean farm is definitely a great activity for each of your family members, from children to adults! If you wish to experience it, I recommend you book online in advance. We used to offer a 1-day strawberry farm currently on our website! You could take it as a reference.

[South Korea 1 Day Strawberry Farm Tour Private Tour]

Snow Swimming
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2. Snow Swimming 

This might be your first time to heard of snow swimming, instead of swimming in the winter ocean, what I mean here is swim in a lot, a lot of snow! If you have spare time, please be sure to visit Gangwondo Province where is famous for its snowfall. You could have fun swimming in the pile of snow. Additionally, the picturesque scenery of Mt. Deogyusan’s peak topped with snow are also well known among Koreans!

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3. Skiing and snowboarding

In 2018, the Winter Olympics were successfully held in Pyeongchang. Hence, you could experience the best skiing and snowboarding here, in South Korea. There are quite a lot of ski resort in Korea and the major one includes Yongpyong Ski Resort, Vivaldi Park Ski Resort, and Aplensia Ski Resort. From beginners to professionals, these ski resorts offer a wide range of slopes for all levels of skiers and a wonderful winter landscape. You could read more among these spots on our website!

Snow Sledding
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4. Snow Sledding

If you are not good at sport and would like to stay in Seoul, snow sledding might be the best activity! In Seoulland, the first theme park in Seoul, not only could you enjoy snow sledding, but you could also watch the amusing illumination show at night.!

taebaeksan Snow Festival
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5.Taebaeksan Snow Festival

By participating the Taebaeksan, you would be aboe to fully enjoy the winter landscape in Korea and stretch your body at the same time. The festival held every winter in the snow-covered landscape of Taebaeksan Mountain. It offers true winter experience. Featuring magnificent snow and ice sculptures by artists, the festival is brightly lit by the smiles of visitors.

Yongpyeong Ski Resort
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6. Best Ski Resort in Korea 

1) Yongpyong Ski Resort: Suitable for All Ages


It is the largest ski resort in South Korea and got something for everyone to enjoy! Well-known for its appearing popular K-drama, “Winter Sonata (KBS, 2002)” and “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (TVN, 2016)”, Yongpyong Ski Resort was also the main venue for the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.


Location: Pyeongchang
Travel time from Seoul: 3.5 hours
Total number of slopes: 28
Total number of ski lifts: 13 ski lifts and 1 gondola
Best for: Skiers than snowboarder, all levels of skiers and family-unit skiers

Phoenix Park Ski Resort
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2)  Phoenix Park Ski Resort: heaven for Snowboarding


The wonderful natural scenery and perfect powder have made the Phoenix Park Ski Resort the perfect spot for snowboarders that yearn for a day on the slopes. It is also famous for appearing in “Autumn in My Heart (KBS,2000)”.


Location: Pyeongchang
Travel time from Seoul: 2 hours
Total number of slopes: 21
Total number of ski lifts: 8 ski lifts, 6 sun-kids lifts and 1 gondola
Best for: Snowboarders and family-unit tourists

Vivaldi Park Ski Resort
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3)  Vivaldi Park Ski Resort: The Hottest Ski Resort among the youths


Renew facilities yearly, Vivaldi Park in Daemyung Resort is known as a trendsetter among ski resorts. It is the perfect place for thrill-seeking young people, satisfying their needs with the best night skiing experience and slopes dull of twists and turns. Additionally, Vivaldi Park is where “The Legend of the Blue Sea (SBS, 2016)”, a recent k-drama were filmed.


Location: Hongcheon
Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hours
Total number of slopes: 12
Total number of ski lifts: 10 (included gondola)
Best for: Couples, students, and teens in their 20s

Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort
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4)  Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort: Ideal for a Spontaneous Getaway


It is located relatively closest to downtown Seoul amongst the resorts in Gangwon-do, making it the ideal spot to visit to spontaneously for a half or full-day trip. There are popular sightseeing destinations for non-skiers to enjoy!


Location: Chuncheon
Travel time from Seoul: 1.5 hours
Total number of slopes: 10
Total number of ski lifts: 6
Best for: Beginners and a short ski break

Alpensia Ski Resort
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5)  Alpensia Ski Resort: The Tremendous Alps of Asia


Boasting top-notch leisure and premium lodging facilities as well as a range of slopes, Alpensia Ski Resort is perfect in every way, offering fun for all family members.


Location: Pyeongchang
Travel time from Seoul: 3 hours
Total number of slopes: 6
Total number of ski lifts: 3
Best for: Beginners, snowboarders and family-unit skiers

Rail Bike
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7. Rail Bike

For those who would love both exercising and the nature, rail bike are the perfect fit for you. While pedal down the rail track, you could enjoy the amusing winter scenes surrounded with your families, friends and partners. Indeed, it might be a bit cold for outdoor cycling, but it would definitely become an unforgettable memory! The most famous places are Jeongseon rail bike and Gangchon rail park, you may click the links below for more detail.

Winter light
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8. Winter light

Visit those winter light shows are definitely on the Christmas and winter must do list, glisten and glow. There are plenty of light shows held in different region and the most popular festivals includes the Garden of Morning Clam Lighting Festival and the luminous Pocheon Herb Island Light. You could also find a special themed one: Petite France Little Prince Lighting Festival. And two in Seoul, Seoul Christmas Festival and Seoul Light

Ice Fishing
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9. Ice fishing

Have you tried to fish with bare hands before? Come test your beginners’ luch at the Hwacheon Sancheoneo Ice Festival that is announced as one of the “7 Winter Wonders of the World’ by CNN. We are offering a 5-day tour for you to fully experience ice fishing festivals in Korea. Click into the below link for more details!


There are far more than just one ice fishing festival in Korea, if you don’t feel like going to Hwacheon,
there is also Pyeongchang Trout Ice Fishing Festival!

Sheep Feeding
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10. Sheep feeding

Apart from snowy and white scenery, you might start to miss the greenery. Why not give some grass to the flock of hungry sheep? It would be a low consuming trip to do so. If you wish to take a day trip on sheep feeding, I recommend the Daegwallyong Sheep Farm! Hiring a private vehicle and a driver can be a great option. Make sure to check the below website for further details.

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