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5 must try korean desserts

In today’s blog we will introduce you to 5 traditional korean deserts that you should try when coming to Korea.

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  1. Injeolmi

Injeolmi is a popular Korean rice cake that’s perfectly soft, chewy, nutty and mildly sweet. You can make this wonderful gluten-free and vegan treat at home (with just the microwave) in less than 10 minutes! This rice cake is also eaten without any coating but just by itself, dipped in honey or sugar

2) Bingsu

Also called Patbingsu, fruits shaved ice milk is the perfect summer indulgence. It combines frozen milk, condensed milk and your favorite fruits. If you’re craving a bit more sweetness, drizzle this dessert with some chocolate syrup before serving!

3) Baked Yakgwa

One of the most beloved and traditional Korean confections, yakgwa is a fried cookie dipped in honey-ginger syrup that is found everywhere, from grocery stores to traditional teahouses. Shaped like flowers, or cut into squares or diamond-shaped bits, these treats are very sweet and often served as a dessert rather than being eaten as an everyday snack. 

4) Hotteok

This korean sweet pancake is a traditional breakfast made better! These Korean sweet pancakes are moist and flavorful thanks to a filling made with syrup, brown sugar, and cinnamon. You can even serve them for dinner and snacks too ! You can easily find them anywhere in the streets of Seoul, or at traditional markets.

5) Dalgona

This korean sponge candy is similar to a toffee candy, but incredibly sweet! This dessert is made with sugar, baking soda, and vegetable oil. The best part is that you get to shape these into fun designs! It is actually a popular street food from the 1960s and 1970s that’s been brought to international attention with Netflix’s new Korean drama, Squid Game!

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