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We will get to know some of the Daegu well known hiking trails you should not miss out if you are interested in hiking, beautiful views, or Korean nature at its best, and for those who are not passionate hikers, don’t worry, because you can choose option with cable car ride.


Palgongsan Mountain

Palgongsan Mountain is 1192 meters high. The ridge of the mountain has three peaks in a row, in the centre we can find Birobong Peak and on the sides are Dongbong, also called Mitabong, 1155 metres high, and Seobong, or Samseongbon, 1150 metres high. 

Beautiful through the whole year

While hiking the mountain, we can see wonderful rocks and valleys which fills azaleas and other flowers in the spring, then summer trees are creating nicely green scenery. Autumn is offering calming vibe with colourful leaves, and in the winter is everything covered with snow. As a result it makes Palgongsan Mountain perfect place to visit through the whole year.

Gatbawi statue

Another reason why Palgongsan Mountain is famous is Gatbawi, statue of Buddha. The name “Gatbawi” comes from the fact that the Buddha has a flat rock, called bawi, on his head that looks like a Korean traditional hat called gat. Legend says that the statue grants honest prayers, and because of that people go to see the Buddha statue every year, at sunrise on New Year’s Day,  to make a wish for the new year and see the sunrise.

Donghwasa Temple

This trip is very convenient to combine with visit to Donghwasa Temple. If you start you trip from the side of Gatbawi, then make the whole way up to Palgongsan and continue to Donghwasa Temple, you can entry the temple without entrance fee. Temple is offering us some interesting things to see including statue of the Buddha, which is 17 metres high, the statue’s building has implied people’s wish for unification, lots of national cultural relics, like Geumdangam 3-floor stone tower and Donghwasa Temple construction rods.

View from Palgongsan mountain Gatbwi statue Trail to Gatbawi statue at Palgongsan Mountain Donghwasa Temple


Biseulsan Mountain

Biseulsan Mountain is one of the highest mountains in Daegu with 1083 metres height, also called Daegyeonbong Peak. On the way to the top, we can find a temple as well as on Palgongsan. This temple has name Daegysa and it is famous for its three stores stone pagoda.

Natural wonders

Unique sight at valley and mountain slope are large squared shaped stones accumulating there. Such a block of rocks is reaching to Biseulsan 1000 metres above the sea level, and it crosses the hiking trail. This phenomenon is long up to 2 kilometres and width 80 metres. This makes it the biggest of its kind in the whole Korea.

Azaleas Festival

Biseulsan is well known for its beautiful field of wild azaleas set against the backdrop Biseulsan’s peak. Because of this, every year around the time of azaleas blooming is happening Mt. Biseulsan Azalea Festival that is celebrating the arrival of spring. For this occasion are prepared food tents and a stage for entertainment.

View from the top of Biseulsan Mountain The top of Biseulsan Mountain Building from Daegysa Temple at the bottom of Biseulsan Mountain


Apsan Mountain

If we cross the ridge of the mountain from Biseulsan, we will reach the Apsan Mounting. Apsan is 658 metres high mountain. Another possible way to get to the top is by cable car by foot from bottom of the mountain.

Apsan Observatory

On the top is situated an observatory which is offering to visitors a panoramic view of the city. It is harmoniously bringing together the city with nature and it combines the past and future of Daegu.

Apsan Park

Apsan Park is surrounding the Apsan Mountain, and it is one of the largest urban-eco parks in Daegu. We can find there leisure facilities where visitors can enjoy archery, horseback riding, and swimming. There is also a monument that commemorates the poet Yi Ho-wu as well as Nakdonggang River War Memorial Hal.

Battel Memorial

The Nakdong River Battle Memorial is honouring the patriotic spirits of those who fought and won the Nakdong River Battle, as well as those who had fallen to protect Daegu. The memorial is also exhibiting relics and materials from the war, teaching visitors the painful lessons of the Korean War, it is raising awareness of the importance of maintaining and defending national independence.

Stone marking the top of the Apsan Mountain View from trail of Apsan Mountain Bettle Memorial at the Apsan Park


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