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33-5 Supyo-ro 28-gil

서울 종로구 수표로28길 33-5

Opening hours

Everyday: 11:30~22:30


In the past few years, Ikseon-dong has dramatically grown in popularity as a tourist spot, and the epidemic has not subsided. It is still vibrant during the pandemic! This café is a Hanok in and of itself, and it is stunning. It shows customers the splendor of Korean culture.


One of its unique features is that railway tracks within the store have turned into a photogenic spot for KOLs to check in and snap photographs. Its track desserts help it distinct from the freezer display of typical coffee shops.  You might try browsing here if you’re looking for a unique coffee shop.


The menu has a various assortment of beverages and desserts with prices going an average of ₩8.0 for a drink and ₩6.5 for a dessert. There are also wines that cost ₩6.0-9.0 per glass. If you want some food paring up with the wine, they also provide tapas. The average consumption per customer is ₩14.

Parking Facilities

Not available




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