Community Manual

2018-04-02 10:35
What is the purpose of Community?

Community is a free board where users can freely share their information regarding the Korea tour.


We hope that users can use it as a way to

  • Find other travelers for join tour that needs more than Minimum 1 person. (Write in 'Travelers Wanted' Category)

  • Find other travelers who booked the same join tour, and wish to get to know each other prior to the tour. (Write in 'Travelers Wanted' Category)

  • Share information about tours, restaurants, tour attractions, street food, souvenirs and lots more about Korea. (Write in 'Info share' Category)

Although this is a free board, we prohibit users posting contents about the following

  1. Posting advertisements.

  2. Posting same contents over and over.

  3. Posting contents that are not related to Korea tour.

  4. Using abusive language or slander other users.

  5. Posting contents that shows hatred for certain religions, race, and gender.

  6. Posting contents related to financial dealings.

  7. Posting obscene material or using obscene language.

  8. Asking for user’s personal information.

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